2017 – Peak Performance Award

Announcing the “Peak Performance Award 2017”

The Longs Peak Council has replaced the “Great Expectation” program with the new “Peak Performance Award” recognition program.  The Peak Performance Award within the Longs Peak Council encourages units to strive to provide an ideal Scouting program to each Scout and Scout family we serve. This award program is a roadmap for a successful Scouting program.

In order for a unit to qualify for the Peak Performance Award they must complete three required metrics (gold) and at least one of the elective options (green). A total of 4 metrics must be met for a unit to qualify, three from the Gold and one from the Green (see fact Sheet). All metrics will use 2016 data turned in at Recharter with the exception of finance, which will use the 2017 Family FOS campaign numbers.

View the Peak Performance Award Score Card and Fact Sheet


Units will be recognized for their achievement of the Peak Performance Award with a 15% discount to all Longs Peak Council camps, and one year free access to Scoutbook for their unit to use. Units will also get 3 free Peak Performance Council Patches for their unit Key Three leaders. Extras may be purchased for $2 each to recognize your youth and adults. (Our regular CSP retails for $4.25.) Only units that qualify for the award may purchase and wear these patches.

Your unit will also be recognized on the council website as a Peak Performance Unit.

The Friends of Scouting (FOS) recognition remains intact for 2017.  Units that achieve their agreed upon FOS goal, will receive free badges of rank and parent pins from the date the goal is met until December 31, 2017.