TR- 4th of July Parade

TR- 4th of July Parade Please add this to your calendar!!!! July 4th!!!

All packs, Troops, Teams, Crews and Explorer Posts are invited to help carry the American Flag in the Independence Day Parade.

Please bring your unit flag and invite all of the youth adults in your unit to attend.

Register Here if you are planning on attending.

(Please read important details and instructions at the bottom!)


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We ask that all youth and adults be in uniform and be prepared to represent scouting.  50-75 youth and adults are needed to carry the American flag. With an expected audience of 80,000 we would really like to show off and let people see our pride in scouting!

We will gather at 20th street and 10th Ave (across from the UNC Student Center) at 8:00 am on July 4th.   We must be ready to march in the parade no later than 8:30 am!

Parent or Guardian should check youth in at the gathering point with the unit leader and check them out at the end of the route with the unit leader. Arrangements should be made for all youth to be picked up at  10th Ave and 5th Street at the end of the parade route.

For this very special event we ask that all participants be in uniform. All Scouts and adults should be appropriately uniformed. Cub Scouts should wear uniform pants, blue canvas or blue jean shorts with their uniform shirt, belt, kerchief and tie slide.  Tiger partners and other parents that are chaperoning their cub scouts the parade should wear scouting shirt or plain red or orange shirt. Boy Scouts should be in green shorts or pants (Please no athletic, sweat, basketball or camo shorts or pants), shirt, belt, kerchief and slide. Venture Scouts should wear the green shirt with gray shorts or pants.

Because the presentation of the colors is a uniformed event we are asking that parents with siblings make other arrangements for their care.

Make sure to bring water, sunscreen and a Scout hat if you have one. It will be hot!!!!!!