New Leader Resources


If you’re a new Cub Scout leader and don’t know where to start, this is the place.

If your a new volunteer you will need to take Youth Protection Training. Click on the link below to go to the BSA Youth Protection Training Page. Watch the short video “Welcome to Youth Protection”.  After you view the video look to the right of the page to learn how to create an account on “”. Then click on the “New to Scouting?”  to log in and take Youth Protection Training.


Here you will find information and tools for den leaders. Everything you need to run a den meeting is at the Cub Scout Official Home. Once there go to the Learning Library and click on the rank that you are a leader for. There is information on  Den Meeting Basics, Getting Started, Den Planning and Administration, plus all the rank and adventure requirements. Clink the link below to get started.

Cub Scouts Official Home

 Additional content for Cubmasters, committee members, charter organization representatives and parents/guardians will be coming soon


Troop Leader Resources ( is a brand new, authorized Boy Scout website developed to help ensure that troop lead­ers have fun meet­ings with pos­i­tive out­comes. The site is designed to do this in a col­or­ful and infor­ma­tive way. It’s aid­ed by videos and pho­tos of real Scouts in real troops. They’re engaged, involved, and obvi­ous­ly hav­ing a great time.

From the out­set, the devel­op­ers’ vision was to provide an online, one-stop-shop for troop lead­ers, both new and expe­ri­enced, that would be acces­si­ble and friend­ly. It would also make plan­ning effec­tive meet­ings more easy.

The web­site con­sists of the fol­low­ing sec­tions:
  1. Troop Meet­ing Agen­da: The agen­da sec­tion breaks down each seg­ment of the troop meet­ing plan with eleven, short sam­ple videos from actu­al troop meet­ings. The sec­tion includes a descrip­tion of each part of the agen­da. There’s also a troop meet­ing plan­ning sheet which can be filled out online by the Patrol Lead­ers’ Coun­cil, if desired.
  2. Pro­gram Fea­tures: This is the website’s major sec­tion. Each of the 48 pro­gram fea­tures are pre­sent­ed with explana­to­ry infor­ma­tion, ideas for troop meet­ings, and ideas for month­ly main events. Each page of every pro­gram fea­ture has its own nav­i­ga­tion bar link­ing to cor­re­spond­ing pro­gram fea­ture sub­sec­tions.
  3. Pro­gram Resources: The resource sec­tion is a gate­way to the Troop Pro­gram Resources sub-site con­tain­ing cat­a­loged col­lec­tions of a) Scout meet­ing activ­i­ties con­sist­ing of Scout skill chal­lenges, troop and patrol games, and team build­ing oppor­tu­ni­ties, b) a learn­ing library of cam­pcraft skill videos, c) an assort­ment of troop cer­e­monies, and d) a large com­pi­la­tion of leader’s min­utes.
  4. Plan­ning: This is a gate­way con­sist­ing of infor­ma­tion per­tain­ing to both the annu­al and month­ly plan­ning process. It includes an illus­tra­tive video of a real Patrol Lead­ers’ Coun­cil in action.
  5. Train­ing: The sec­tion is a gate­way of infor­ma­tion for both adult and youth troop lead­ers.
  6. Out­ings: The sec­tion is a gate­way of gen­er­al infor­ma­tion along with sec­tions for camp­ing equip­ment, troop site setup, and camp­ing trip activ­i­ties.
  7. Gen­er­al Troop Infor­ma­tion: Here, a lead­er can search through top­ics that are rel­e­vant to run­ning a troop. Each top­ic has its own page, which is like a hub with a com­pi­la­tion of out­go­ing links. There are descrip­tive sec­tions for the fol­low­ing: troop posi­tions, the patrol, boards of review, courts of hon­or, fundrais­ers, and Scout­mas­ter con­fer­ence.

Sev­er­al links are con­ve­nient­ly locat­ed on every page, so nav­i­ga­tion through­out the site is a breeze.