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If you want to touch the past, touch a stone.
If you want to touch the present, touch a rose.
If you want to touch the future, touch a child.

—Author Unknown



Becoming a Scout doesn’t just happen; it happens because you and     I—WE—invite boys and girls to become Scouts. The ROMO Membership Committee is pleased to provide this page and its links to empower every Scout and Scouter to grow Scouting by inviting young people to experience the fun and values of Cub Scouts (ages 7-10 or Grades 1-5), Boy Scouts (ages 11-17) or Venture Scouts (Co-ed ages 14-20).

 Keys to Successful Recruiting:


YOU are the most critical success factor in recruiting. If your team delivers an exceptional Scouting program, and if you have a Membership team committed to bringing the fun and values of Scouting to every possible youth in your community, then your team will be successful in serving youth by growing your unit and Scouting.


Here are five key factors in a successful Unit Recruiting program:

STEP 1: Recruit a great Unit Membership Chair. The Unit Membership Chair recruits and leads unit parents and Scouts in selecting, planning and executing recruiting events. If the unit is not growing and replacing youth who transition to other units (for example, Webelos to Boy Scouts) or who “age out” or leave Scouting, the unit can not provide the robust youth leadership experiences that are essential to the Scouting method. Consequently, recruiting and supporting the Unit Membership Chair must be a top priority of the Unit Committee.

STEP 2: Read/Study/Use the Unit Membership Guide. This Guide (on the link at the left of this page) provides succinct, “How To” information on planning and executing a Unit Recruiting program—from setting a recruiting goal and selecting venues to planning a sign-up event, peer-to-peer and transition recruiting.

STEP 3: Ask for Help. If you are having difficulty getting started, ask your unit leader or Commissioner for advice. In addition, the ROMO Membership Committee (Contact: Bill Marshall at and the District Scout Executive: Ty Miller ( or Telephone: 970.584.2227 or 970.330.6305.) are available.

STEP 4: Execute your Recruiting Plan. Make it happen with enthusiasm.

STEP 5: After your Recruiting Event, Share Your Successes.  If a new idea has been successful, brag on yourself at Roundtable, and share it with the ROMO Membership Committee so that others can use it.


Resource Pages on This ROMO Website:


Here is an overview of relevant resource links in the left column of this page:    


    • Be A Scout:

Introduces new youth and parents to Scouting.

    • Online Registration and Re-chartering:

Provides online access for Units to re-charter or to register a new Scout.


    • Overview:

Provides five Key Factors in successful unit recruiting.

    • District Membership Committee:

Provides a summary of support available from the ROMO District Membership Committee.

    • ROMO Unit Membership Numbers:

Provides current registered youth totals for each ROMO unit.

    • Unit Membership “How To” Guide:

Provides a succinct, “How To” Guide in planning and executing successful unit recruiting.

    • Enhanced Learning for Life:

Encourages youth (and their parents) to supplement and enhance their Learning for Life program with participation in Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts or Venturing.

Order orm-scout-indianf the Arrow Ceremonies:

Provides ideas for units to enrich their programs and attract or retain Scouts by incorporating ceremonies provided by Scouting’s national service and honorary camping brotherhood, the Order of the Arrow.


    • Recruiting Materials:

Provides links to FREE recruiting materials and an online order form.

    • Additional Resources:

Provides additional select reference resources above and beyond the Unit Membership Guide.

    • Locate: Units, Schools, Churches and Webelos Partners:

Provides an interactive map to locate Scout units and lists of Schools and Churches in the ROMO District as well as a list of unit Webelos Partners to bridge Webelos into Troops.

Questions or suggestions regarding membership are welcome. Please email the ROMO Membership Chair: Bill Marshall (, or call or email Ty Miller, the Rocky Mountain District Scout Executive (Email: or Telephone: 970.584.2227 or 970.330.6305.).

 Scouting’s Mission

The mission of the Boy Scouts of America is to prepare young people

to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes

by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.