Fundraising & FOS

2017 Rocky Mountain District Contribution Program

The Rocky Mountain District has chosen a program to encourage total support of the scouting program in the Longs Peak Council. Units please view this PDF to figure out how to hit your $170/boy for Traditional Units. Unit Peak Perfomance Finance for 2017

Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting is our annual fundraising campaign to support the local council in our operating expenses. All money raised stays here locally within the Longs Peak Council. Your donation helps in many ways:

  • Maintain our 5 camps
  • Assistance to low income families
  • Maintain your membership and advancement records
  • Program service though your district executive
  • District Awards and recognition
  • and much more

The FOS Goal must be hit by April 1, 2017!

2017 Peak Performance

The Longs Peak Council has replaced the “Great Expectation” program with the new “Peak Performance Award” recognition program.

This link will take you to the Longs Peak Council information on the Peak Performance Award: COUNCIL PEAK PERFORMANCE AWARD

View the Peak Performance Award Score Card and Fact Sheet

FOS Presentations

If you have not scheduled your Friends of Scouting Presentation please contact Barry Eastman – 970-481-8337. He will gladly help you in our efforts to support our Scout programs.  Also those units that achieve their FOS Goal will receive free advancement rank patches and merit badges for the rest of the year.

2017 Rocky Mountain District Fundraising & FOS Goals


  • Friends of Scouting = $40,800
  • Estes Park Breakfast = $6,000
  • Council Earnings for Popcorn and Camp Cards = $50,000

Overall expected commitment each year from a family

  • National Dues ($25) and Boys Life ($10) for a total of $35.
  • Longs Peak Council for $170.
  • Unit Dues and Expense (ask your Unit).
  • Individual cost (Including Uniform, Camps, Equipment, etc.).

FOS Contacts

See the District Contacts page.