ROMO 2017 Fall Camporee

The Dates will be: Oct 13 – 15, 2017

Location: Ft Lupton Rendezvous Area

Ft Lupton, CO

Mountain Man Rendezvous is back.  October 13-15, 2017 at Fort Lupton.  It is a weekend of fun with teamwork and individual challenges.  We will have a camp-wide tug of war and black powder shooting as well as other activities.  We wrap up Saturday with a potlatch (dutch oven cook off) and songs and stories around the campfire.  Registration is $20 per youth and $15 per adult.


In addition to the normal camp gear that your troop/team/crew bring you will also need – gloves for the tug of war, sticks and rope for lashing activities (small and medium) and tomahawks (if you choose).

Cook-off and Pot-latch

Remember Saturdays dinner is a pot-latch with your dish and dessert being in the cook off.  We have had some great dishes each camporee.

RM - Fall Camporee

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    ie. Gluten, etc. If yes we will email you for particulars regarding allergies.
  • Price: $15.00 Quantity:
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If you have wondered how registration is used:

Patch $2
Council $5
Insurance $4
Location $4-$5
Program supplies $2 (the max I plan for to keep us from operating beyond our budget)
Food (cracker barrel) <$1
Misc (if there is any) Maybe propane for grill
Klondike ~ Unit recognition,
There are always things that are donated and never accounted for on our budget.

Leaders Guide: RM-2017 Fall Camporee Leader Guide.