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District Advancement Committee

The function of the district advancement committee is to motivate and train unit leaders and unit committee members in the advancement program. This should be done under the direction of the council advancement committee and with the cooperation of the commissioner staff and the district training committee.

The district advancement committee also should work closely with the district executive. Other responsibilities of the district advancement committee are as follows.

  • Set district advancement goals and maintain accurate monthly unit advancement reports to determine where help is needed.
  • Help units establish an active advancement program.
  • Recruit, train, and thank merit badge counselors.
  • Maintain an accurate, current list of council-approved merit badge counselors.
  • Assemble a resource list of all awards and promote awards on a regular basis.
  • Provide assistance in Eagle Scout advancement, including Eagle Scout boards of review.
  • Provide recognition to district Scouters.
  • Provide program resources, advancement training, and direct support for all units in the district.
  • Understand and follow council established advancement procedures (i.e., boards of review).
  • Offer district advancement events.

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