14erPatch Fourteener Hiking Program

Have you ever wanted to stand on top of the world?

How about on top of Colorado? You can!

With some preparation and by placing one foot in front of the other (several thousand times) you can do it.

Mt. Elbert 14,433 ft. – The Top of Colorado

Mt. Elbert.jpg

Mt. Elbert” by Hogs555Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Colorado is home to 54 of the continental United States’ 68 mountains with summits over 14,000 feet. By hiking those mountains, you can develop camping, hiking, and mountaineering skills while enjoying the beauty of Colorado’s mountains.

This program presents an outline of Colorado’s Fourteeners with guidance on the necessary equipment and difficulty. Additional information can be found in commercial guidebooks such as:

    • The Colorado 14ers: The Standard Routes by the Colorado Mountain Club Foundation

  • Dawson’s Guide to Colorado’s Fourteeners, Volume 1 The Northern Peaks and Volume 2 The Southern Peaks by Louis W. Dawson II
  • A Climbing Guide To Colorado’s Fourteeners by Walter R. Borneman and Lyndon J. Lampert
  • Colorado Fourteeners: From Hikes to Climbs by Gerry Roach

Those books can help you plan an outing, but they are not substitutes for proper preparation, experience, and equipment.

To facilitate planning your Fourteener outing the Fourteeners_List contains elevation, difficulty, relevant maps, hiking distances, etc. (download Fourteeners_List in Excel spreadsheet format) Those ratings are based on the Colorado Mountain Club ratings in its guidebook titled The Colorado 14ers: The Standard Routes. Its authors believe that ‘there are no “easy” mountains.’ Objective hazards such as slippery cliffs, falling rock, talus slopes, dangerous snow conditions and changing weather can turn an easy hike into a difficult adventure. Consequently, none of the mountains are rated “easy.” The ratings are “Moderate,” “More difficult,” and “Very difficult.” Depending on weather, physical conditioning, experience, and time of year, a peak that is “Moderate” for one group may be “Very difficult” for another.

To earn credit for summitting any of the peaks in this program, the hikers must start their trek from (1) an established trail-head that is (2) below 11,000 ft in altitude.

Have fun and be safe.

Fourteeners_Award_Form Application Form – Awards will be available at the Longs Peak Council Store in Louisville.