Arrowman Forms

Health and Medical Form

Every participant must submit a copy of his/her current Annual BSA Health and Medical Record.

  • Parts A and B of the form are required for all the above events.
  • (Note – Neither Part C, nor a physician’s signature is required for any of the listed lodge events.)
  • You have probably already submitted this form to your Troop or filled it out for summer camp – bring a copy.

Election Forms

Election teams may wish to save time by providing these forms to unit leaders in advance of the election.

  • Unit Election Report Form
    This form is used to record unit election results and which team conducted the election. It is retained by the chapter, not sent to the lodge.
  • Consolidated Chapter Elections Report (MS Excel spreadsheet)
    Chapters use this form to report the consolidated results of all the unit elections and camp promotions conducted for the year to the lodge Senior Vice Chief of Membership. Unit Election Teams should have the unit leader fill out this form so the Chapter has the necessary contact details for each candidate elected.
  • Adult Candidate Recommendation Form (updated Jan 2014)