Lodge Events Registration and Fees Policy

The Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) has approved the following registration and fees policy for all Kola Lodge events, including all induction weekends, Winter Festival, and Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) training events. It does not apply to Council or District events for which the Lodge or Chapter is merely providing planning or staff leadership.

Events Registration and Early Bird Discounts

The 2016 Registration form is here 2016 REGISTRATION FORM.

The on-time registration deadline will be noon of the tenth day prior to the event. It is the participant’s responsibility to make sure the form and payment is in the Scottsbluff Scout Office by that day and time. The on-time registration deadline for each event is on the registration form.

A $10.00 early bird discount will be made available to those registering before the on-time registration deadline, but that early bird discount will cease to be available starting at 12:01 pm on the tenth day prior to the event. Anyone who does not register and pay in advance of the event will be charged an additional $10.00 administrative fee at the door and will not be allowed to attend the event unless all registration event and administrative fees are paid and the member is current in his or her lodge annual dues. If the money does not accompany the registration form, the Lodge will not consider the person registered.

Just to make this clear: if the Post Office or your District Executive (DE) delivers the form late, it is still your responsibility and your entitlement to the early bird discount will be determined by when both the registration form and the appropriate payment is received by the Scottsbluff Scout Office.

Notice: Food is generally ordered or purchased for lodge events immediately following the on-time registration date. Accordingly, anyone not registered for the event by the on-time registration date, despite having paid the full event fee, risks a situation in which there is insufficient food on hand to provide meals for those who registered after the on-time registration deadline.


  1. This policy supersedes the Longs Peak Council refund policy for Council and District events as it applies specifically and exclusively to events hosted by Kola Lodge, Order of the Arrow (OA). Chapters organized under Kola Lodge may adopt their own refund policies for OA events hosted by the chapter, which may adopt the Longs Peak Council refund policy; however, unless an express chapter refund policy is adopted, and notice given, this lodge policy will
  2. When a member or Ordeal candidate must cancel their registration for a lodge event, the full registration fee may be transferred to the registration of the same registrant for another lodge event in the same calendar year or fully refunded to that registrant provided that the cancellation is made prior to the on-time registration deadline. Refund or transfer of fee requests made after the event, or for “no shows,” will not be honored. Registration fees are transferable to another eligible individual for the same event upon request. In no case will early bird discounts be refunded or transferred to, or credit given toward, a
    subsequent lodge event. Entitlement to an early bird discount is determined by the established on-time registration deadline for each individual event.
  3. Registration fees will be transferred to the next lodge event for the same registrant, rather than refunded, unless the registrant makes a written request for refund addressed to the Lodge Senior Vice Chief of Administration, or in the case that there are no remaining lodge events scheduled in the same calendar year.
  4. No refunds or transfer of registration fees will be made after the end of the calendar year because that marks the end of Kola Lodge’s fiscal year and closes its financial accounting for that year.