Hornaday Projects

Hornaday Award Conservation Projects

The following projects were actually completed by Boy Scouts and Venturers in the Longs Peak Council. It is important for each person contemplating doing a conservation service project to remember that each environmental situation is unique, and that a project must be designed to meet local needs. The projects presented are merely for the purpose of sparking an idea, and to show the depth of work in which each Boy Scout or Venturer made a difference for the environment.

Projects are presented by Hornaday Award “conservation category”

Soil & Water Conservation

Fish & Wildlife Management

Energy Conservation

Air & Water Pollution Control

Resource Recovery (Recycling)

Forestry & Range Management

Invasive Species Control

Hazardous Material Disposal & Management

Eagle Project Special Note

Eagle Scout projects that are “conservation oriented” may serve as a Hornaday Award project if approved by the Scout’s or Venturer’s Conservation Adviser. A guideline for whether or not a project can be used as a Hornaday project is this rule of thumb:

If the project’s primary purpose is to benefit the environment first and people second, it will probably meet the requirement. If the reverse is true, it will not meet the requirement.