Project SOAR patch - 1971

Project SOAR (Save our American Resources) began as a special Boy Scouts of America conservation emphasis in 1971. The Longs Peak Council emphasis was initiated in 1980 by Scouter Ray Boice of Gering, Nebraska. The purpose of this emphasis was to complement the national effort by further encouraging Scouts to participate in community beautification and conservation projects. The program start up was enhanced with the financial support of the Wildcat Audubon Society and the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. From 1980 through 1986 these organizations purchased the special embroidered recognition emblems that were awarded to Scouts for their conservation service.

In 1987 the Wildcat Audubon Society paid for 800 emblems with the idea that they would be used to generate additional funds to make the program self-sufficient and to eventually be in a position to provide funding for special conservation and environmental projects within the Longs Peak Council. Since this time all funds generated through emblem sales have been held in a special “Gold Seal Account” by the Longs Peak Council, Boy Scouts of America.