Conservation Project Ideas

Service to Council Scout Camps make a great conservation project and help keep our camps in the kind of great condition that will benefit scouts for years to come.

Conservation Project Ideas – What Can You Do?

You can read about it, you can watch the DVD, or you can listen to others discuss the environment. However, to really make a difference you have to get down and get your hands dirty by actually doing something worthwhile outside.

Trail Work

General Ideas

The project your Scout unit is to be involved in should be age appropriate for the youth involved and should match the skills and talents of the Scout unit’s leadership. Check out these ideas:

  • Trail building or repair to stop soil erosion.
  • Planting large amounts of trees and shrubs for wildlife habitat.
  • Rip rapping a stream edge with stones to stop soil erosion and improve water quality.
  • Creating brush piles for wildlife habitat.
  • Constructing bird boxes for nesting sites.
  • Construct squirrel boxes for nesting habitat.
  • Place fencing around critical wildlife habitat.
  • Removing ladder fuels on trees to prevent ground fires from climbing trees.
  • Removing invasive plants from stream fields and streams beds.
  • Marking all the drainage holes in your town to prevent hazardous material dumping.
  • Remove stream debris to enhance a natural waterway.
  • Plant open space in native grasses and flowers to reduce invasive plant encroachment.
  • Construct an interpretive kiosk explaining the importance of habitat enhancement.
  • Construct vehicle barriers to keep vehicles off of trails, grasslands, and sensitive areas.
  • Construct a xeriscape demonstration garden.
  • Mark all dead trees with “wildlife tree” markers.
  • Place wind-break and snow fence plantings along roadsides for wildlife habitat.
  • Use netting, straw, and appropriate seed to restore an eroded soil bank.
  • Thin a forest or woods area to enhance tree growth.
  • Place water bars or “waddles” on hillsides to prevent erosion and slow water flow.
  • Construct a wetland by controlling water flow and planting water plants.
  • Construct and place water tank “ramps” to prevent bird drowning.
  • Restock fish in a stream or lake.
  • Collect Christmas trees and place on lakes and ponds so they sink to form fish habitat.
  • Construct a hard surface walkway or path to reduce dust air pollution and control run-off.
  • Establish a spring fed watering site for wildlife.
  • Remove cattails encroaching on a pond or waterway.
  • Place fencing around trees and bushes to prevent beaver and deer damage.
  • Remove Tamarisk from waterways.
  • Create a large wildflower planted garden for butterflies.
  • Construct and install bird feeders at senior citizens homes.
  • Plant trees and shrubs to make a visual and noise barrier between a road and a park.
  • Construct and place bat boxes to increase number of bats to eat more mosquitoes.
  • USFS Adopt-A-Trail Program

Scout Camp Specific Ideas

The Longs Peak Council has 5 great scout camps where help is always needed. Besides the general ideas listed above, each camp has provided a list of ideas to consider tailored to their needs.

Summaries of Actual Projects

Get more ideas from the written reports of actual projects: