Conservation Grant Program

Program Objective

To provide funding assistance for conservation projects, educational efforts, and research within the territory of the Longs Peak Council; especially where youth members of the Boy Scouts of America will receive a direct benefit.

Who Is Eligible?

The following list is a guideline of those who may be eligible to receive funding from this program:

  • Private Non-Governmental Natural Resource Organizations
  • Graduate Students Conducting Research
  • Nature and Ecology Centers
  • Scouts Working on the William T. Hornaday Award
  • Scouts Working on a conservation related Eagle Scout Award project
  • Venturers Workings on a Venturing Award project

Grant Limitations

Funds will not be awarded for travel, food, or salaries.

Special Grant Considerations

The following special considerations will be used to evaluate grant proposals:

  1. Is this a project that is supported by “biological” facts?
  2. Is this a project that will have demonstrable results?
  3. Is this a project that will involve youth members of the Boy Scouts of America as an educational component?
  4. Is the grant request submitted on the official application, and with no more than two pages of support materials?

Award Amounts

The maximum per project is $ 1,000.00. The amount of funds available each year is dependent upon the success of the Project SOAR (Save Our American Resources) emblem sales program from previous years.

Application and Selection Process

Applications will be accepted up to one week prior to each regularly scheduled fall and spring meeting of the Conservation Committee. The Conservation Committee will follow a selection process based on the criteria listed above. The committee reserves the right to reject any and all applications for any reason. The committee may utilize all of the available funds for one project (up to the $ 1,000 amount limit), or it may choose to fund numerous smaller requests. Applicants will be notified in writing of the committee’s award selections.

Conservation Grant Application

Applications are to be submitted to:

Conservation Committee Chair
Longs Peak Council, BSA
PO Box 1166
Greeley, Colorado 80632-1166