District Conservation Representative

Position Description


The District Conservation Representative coordinates the conservation program in his/her geographical district of the Longs Peak Council in an effort to promote Scout unit involvement in conservation projects, youth involvement in obtaining conservation awards, and instituting Leave No Trace as the fundamental foundation for all Scouting outdoor experiences.

Responsible To

The District Conservation Representative is responsible to either the District Chair or District Camping Chair, as determined by the district. He or she works in cooperation with the Council Conservation Committee Chair.

Term of Office

The District Conservation Representative is an adult Scouter appointed on an annual basis from January through December. The district determines how many terms he or she may serve.

Council Conservation Committee

The District Conservation Representative serves as the district’s representative to the Council Conservation Committee, and serves as a full voting participant in its decisions, activities and meetings.

Duties and Responsibilities

The District Conservation Representative

  1. Serves as the conservation resource person to Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout and Venturing units in his/her district.
  2. Represents his/her district and its units to the Council Conservation Committee at its meetings and programs.
  3. Promotes and encourages all units, adult leaders and youth members to fully engage the concept of Leave No Trace, and to implement it in all their outdoor activities. If possible, serves as a Leave No Trace Trainer.
  4. Encourages all youth and adult members to earn the World Conservation Award at each level of their Scouting participation.
  5. Encourages all youth and adult members to earn annually the Project SOAR (Save Our American Resources) Award.
  6. Encourages all Boy Scouts and Venturers to earn the William T. Hornaday Award for Distinguished Service to Natural Resources Conservation.
  7. Acts as, or recruits, the “natural resources advisor” to Boy Scouts and Venturers in his/her district who are working on the William T. Hornaday Award. Assists them in applying for the award, completing the appropriate application form, and in arranging for a “conservation board of review” with the Council Conservation Committee Chair.
  8. Nominates to the Council Conservation Committee worthy adult leaders for recognition with the William T. Hornaday Gold Badge.
  9. Promotes to all units the earning of the William T. Hornaday Unit Certificate on an annual basis.
  10. Promotes and encourages conservation within the district through presentations, displays, and example.
  11. Encourages all units in his/her district to participate in district, council, and camp conservation activities, programs, and projects.