Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee is a sub-committee of the Council Camping Committee, and the chair is appointed by the Council Camping Committee Chair.


The Council Conservation Committee is charged with the promotion and implementation of environmental conservation educational efforts within the council. The committee operates as a sub-committee of the Council Camping Committee.



The members of the committee are drawn from a pool of outdoor enthusiasts from across the region:

  • Individuals serving as professionals with natural resources agencies and organizations
  • Conservation representatives from camp property committees
  • Conservation representatives from the council’s districts
  • The council’s Outdoor Ethics Advocate
  • Conservation minded Scouters
  • Boy Scouts and Venturers who have earned a Hornaday Conservation Award


  • Committee Chair – Karl Brown
  • Committee Staff Advisor – Billy Riley
  • District Representatives
    • Cache La Poudre –
    • Frontier –
    • High Altitude –
    • High Plains –
    • Indian Peaks –
    • Mountain View – Sue Followell
    • Rocky Mountain –
    • Three Rivers – Donna Goodsell
    • Tri-Trails – Jim Schmitt
  • Camp Property Representatives
    • Ben Delatour Scout Ranch –
    • Camp Laramie Peak – Royden James
    • Camp Patiya – Tim Elliott
  • Outdoor Ethics Advocate / Leave No Trace – Mark Hammer
  • Hornaday Scholarship Committee – David Hattis
  • Committee Members at Large
    • Norland Hall
    • Ken Morgan
    • Bob Sturtevant

Meeting Schedule

The Council Conservation Committee is to meet at least two times per year at a location and time as determined by the committee’s chair.

Committee Duties

The Council Conservation Committee will have these special duties to be performed on an annual basis:

  • Coordinating conservation efforts in the council
  • Approving Hornaday Award projects and applications
  • Overseeing the council’s “Gold Seal Account”
  • Managing the Project SOAR program
  • Awarding conservation grants
  • Promoting conservation educational efforts and award programs
  • Serving as the voice for conservation of natural resources within the Longs Peak Council.
  • Organizing Sawyer Training and Certification classes

Conservation Committee Chair Duties

The Conservation Committee Chair will be successful when he/she accomplishes
the following:

  • Has all committee membership positions filled.
  • Has a minimum quarterly contact with each committee member.
  • Conducts at least two committee meetings per year.
  • Holds members of the committee accountable for their accepted
  • Represents the Conservation Committee to the Council Camping Committee.
  • Meets quarterly with the committee’s professional staff adviser.
  • When all “special duties” of the committee have been performed.
  • Participates in the council’s Friends of Scouting and capital fund-raising

District Representative Position Description

Conservation Committee Brochure