Year-round Camp Reservations

This page is for reserving a camp for off-season use. There is another page for Registering for Summer Camp.

The primary goal of our camps is to provide a place for Scouts to go camping and to enjoy the outdoors. We allow year-round access to all 4 camp properties to Scouting and other groups.  You can make a reservation at any of our camps here or by phone. Information on how to make a reservation, our fees, and our general use regulations is below.

Camp Rental Rates, Discounts, and Refund Policy

New Opportunity for Loyalty Discounts

Beginning January 1, 2016, all reservations for camp use in the off-season will follow the new fee structure.  Please see attached chart.  If your unit has attended a Longs Peak Council Summer Camp within the last 12 months, you are entitled to use the “Loyalty” fee rate.  All other units use the “Scout” rate and any non-Boy Scout organization will use the “Non-Scout” rate.  If you have questions regarding this contact

New camp rental rates effective 1-1-16

Refund Policy – Year Around Use

Fees for cancellation are not refunded unless a determination has been made due to weather.  You can transfer fees to an alternate date. You can add to your numbers and pay additional use fees after the initial reservation.

Camp Facilities and Regulations

Each camp has great facilities and unique regulations. Learn about the camps, what facilities are available, and what is required of you. Review the General Regulations that apply to all facilities then read about the regulations for the camp you are interested in.

General Regulations

  • If you decide NOT to attend camp on your reservation date, please call to cancel your reservation:
    • For all camps call: The Longs Peak Council office at 800-800-4052 option 1 or 970 584-2202
    • (see refund policy on this page)
  • Reservations may be made only in proportion to campers attending and facility desired. Example: a unit of 10 campers may reserve the BDSR Coffin Shelter but not all of Soaring Eagle.
  • All Scout Units and other groups must have a First Aid and CPR certified adult leader in attendance at all times.
  • All Cub Scout Packs & Dens must have a BALOO trained adult in attendance at all times.
  • A minimum of two adults, one registered with the BSA, must be in attendance at all times. One adult must be 21 or older and the other must be 18 or older. All adults must be currently certified in Youth Protection.
    • CLP, Camp Patiya and Chimney Park: All U.S. Forest Service Regulations are to be followed. Please respect winter cross-country ski trails as skis only!
  • The camps are NO SMOKING facilities. The designated smoking area is the parking lot.
  • Fires:
    • Fires must be built only in fireplaces or designated fire rings/pits at existing campsites.
    • Firewood is not always available. Units should plan on bringing their firewood.
    • Fires are banned from the backcountry – including Camp Demming and the Outpost Camp at BDSR. Cooking stoves must be used.
    • No cooking inside cabins.
    • Fires are not to be left unattended and fires must be put out before departure.
    • Observe all fire bans.
  • Please – no branding of walls, ceilings, etc.
  • Alcohol and illegal drugs are not permitted.
  • No paintball activities.
  • All trash and garbage must be packed out. Please bring your own trash bags.
  • Vehicles of all types and sizes are not permitted off improved roads and parking areas.
  • ATV’s and ORV’s are not permited.
  • Bicycles:
    • Bicycles are not permitted on BDSR property.
    • At CLP, Patiya and Chimney Park: Bicycles are to remain on existing roads and trails designated for bicycle travel. All riders must wear helmets.
  • No cutting of trees, dead, alive or marked is allowed.
  • Off limit areas and closed building designations must be obeyed. Obey neighboring boundary and “No Trespassing” signs.
  • Camps are in forested areas where bears and mountain lions have been seen. Please take appropriate precautions.
  • Leave all pets at home.
  • Summer camp program equipment is not available for Unit or District activities.
  • Please do not bring appliances or furniture for any camp without prior approval of that camp’s Camp Committee.
  • Shooting sports (BB, rifle, shotgun, archery) COPE, rock climbing, rappelling and water activities require certified instructors. A copy of the instructor’s certification must be on file at the Council office or the reservation approval will not be granted.
  • At BDSR and CLP a separate Reservation Form is required for Shooting Sports. BDSR equipment is not available for these activities.

Additional Information and Regulations for each camp

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch Year-round Use (includes Camp Jeffrey, Soaring Eagle Campground, Elkhorn High Adventure Base, and Nicol Cub Camp)

Camp Jack Year-round Use

Camp Laramie Peak Year-round Use

Camp Patiya Year-round Use

Chimney Park Scout Camp Year-round Use


Make a Camp Reservation

Reserving a camp is easy. Go to:  Longs Peak Council-Tentaroo Registration; Log in to your unit’s Tentaroo account (you must use the unit account to reserve facilities on Tentaroo), scroll to the bottom of the events list and select the camp you want to reserve.  Title your outing and select the dates, enter the number of youth and adults and save the trip.  Then select the “Add/View Reservations” button.  On the far right select what you want to reserve (cabin, campsite, etc.).  Once you have selected what you want to reserve it will pop up a calendar to select the days you want that item then save.  When you have entered all of the facilities you want go to your cart and make your payment.  The reservation is not complete until you have paid and submitted the reservation.

You can also download and fill out the form below, for the camp you want!  Email the completed form to Camp Registration.  Be sure to provide a payment method.

Or, you can mail the form to:

Longs Peak Council, BSA
Attn: Weekend Camp Reservations
PO Box 1166
Greeley, CO 80632-1166

Check Camp Availability

Contact our council Program Specialist by phone or email to find out if a camp is available on the dates your desire.

Fill out the reservation form

BDSR Reservation Form

Camp Jack Reservation Form

Camp Laramie Peak Camp Reservation Form

Camp Patiya Reservation Form


Shooting Range Reservation Form