Elkhorn High Adventure Base Program & Activities

Seven- or ten-day Treks encompass exciting high adventure activities:

  • Backpacking
  • C.O.P.E. (Both High and Low Rope Courses)
  • Rock Climbing (some of the best in Northern Colorado)
  • Rappelling (including 100 ft free rappel)
  • Cowboy Camp (Dutch Oven Cooking and fun around the campfire)
  • Black Powder
  • Tomahawk Throwing
  • Archery
  • Wildlife Watching
  • Opening and Closing Campfire
  • And much more!

On Top of South Bald Mountain

BDSR Gregg Boundary TrailThe Treks

Trek A – High Adventure

This trek combines a week-long backpacking trip in the lower elevations with daily program opportunities listed above. Great a Troop or Crew’s first trek and for those wanting to do more than hike the trail.

Trek B – Alpine Adventure

This trek includes the first half of the week at lower elevations to assist with altitude aclimatization and to provide significant program involvement from the program list above. The second half of the week is backpacking in the beautiful Colorado wilderness at altitudes of 7,000 to 12,000 feet.

Trek C – Sub Alpine Trek

This trek includes up to 50 miles of backpacking in the Colorado wilderness, with vistas above timberline. This trek will only operate during the second half of the season and is subject to alternate routes based on high-altitude snow depths.

Trek D – Ask about this one!

You also need to have been on an Elkhorn Trek in a previous season before we let you tackle this big one.

Elkhorn Supertrek

The Elkhorn SuperTrek was designed to give your crew a more diverse experience on the trail. The SuperTrek will check in and shakedown at Elkhorn High Adventure Base on Wednesday of their start week. The trek will hit the trail for 10 days and return on the Friday of their final week. This Trek requires a minimum of 8 and maximum 11 participants.

Programs you will participate in: Whitewater Rafting, Horseback Overnighter, High and Low COPE, Climbing, Rappelling, Black Powder Shooting, Tomahawk Throwing, Dutch Oven Cooking and Backpacking!

Only one SuperTrek will depart during each session, so get your reservation in early!

Tailor Your Trek

Send us the EHAB Trek Reservation Request Form to pick the activities you want to include in your trek.



Membership & Certification

All participants in Elkhorn High Adventure Base must currently be registered with the Boy Scouts of America. At least one adult crew member must be certified in first aid and CPR.


All participants are expected to be in good physical and mental health. Elevations in this region of the Rockies range from 7,000 to 13,000 feet and the ruggedness of the trails should not be underestimated. All treks include strenuous hiking and backpacking. Individuals in poor health will not be allowed to participate.

Camp Medical Form

All campers, both youth and adult, are required to present Annual BSA Health and Medical Record, Parts A, B, and C signed by a physician within the past 12 months.

The Annual BSA Health and Medical Record, Part D is required to be reviewed by all participants and shared with the examining health-care provider before completing Part C.


All participants in the Elkhorn High Adventure Base must be at least 13 by September 1 of the participation year. These are Longs Peak Council rules for our program and we do not make exceptions to this rule.

Adult Advisors

Each crew must have two adult leaders with them at all times. One adult leader must be 21 years of age or older by the time the crew leaves home. The other adult leader must be 18 years of age or older by the the time the crew leaves home. Based on BSA regulations, both adult leaders for Venture Crews are required to be 21 or older. Co-ed crews must follow BSA regulations for co-ed outings.

Crew Size

Crew size is strictly limited by wilderness permits and Leave No Trace practices. Full crews have a maximum of eleven participants (youth and adults). Minimum crew size is seven participants. At least two participants must be adults.
No pets (dogs, cats or otherwise) are allowed in any of the Longs Peak Council Camps.


The Northern Rockies offer some challenging hiking terrain and it is essential that your personal and group equipment be up to the test. Snow sleet, and freezing temperatures are not unusual at higher elevations, and groups not properly outfitted will be restricted in their participation. Some group gear is issued to the crew on arrival. Personal gear is the responsibility of each individual. Complete gear recommendations and rental information are available in the Elkhorn Guide Book.

EHAB Equipment Checkout Form

Camp Staff patchElkhorn Hike Rangers

During your trek you will be accompanied by an Elkhorn Hike Ranger. All Hike Rangers are over 18 years of age, and have been extensively trained in Leave No Trace camping skills and wilderness emergency skills. All of them have extensive backpacking experience and knowledge of the routes your crew will be taking. Additionally, Hike Rangers have been specifically trained in the local and natural history of the Northern Rockies in order to help your crew have a first rate experience.