Chimney Park Scout Camp Year-round Use

Making a Reservation

Reservations can be made for Baldwin Lodge, and for each individual campsite. It is possible to have as many as six or more Scout units on the property at any given time. A Scout unit MAY NOT reserve the entire 25 acres for their single unit use.

Units from outside the Longs Peak Council, and Girl Scout and other youth organization groups, pay a use fee based on a schedule established by the Longs Peak Council Camping Committee. Groups other than Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Camp Fire are not authorized users of the camp.

Review the Chimney Park Regulations below and then go to the Year-round Camp Reservations page.

Chimney Park Parking Permit – CP Parking Permit

Pick up & Return Cabin Key to:

West Laramie Fly Store
1657 Snowy Range Road
Laramie, WY 82070
Phone: 307-745-5425

Hours of Operation:

Monday – Thursday – 5:30am  – 9pm

Friday – Saturday 5:30am – 10pm

Chimney Park Scout Camp Regulations

Chimney Park During Hunting Season

During the fall months Chimney Park Scout Camp is not recommended for use because of the heavy Medicine Bow National Forest use by hunters. Hunters make their camps in and around Chimney Park, they tramp the forest in search of prey, and quite often shots can be heard in the distance. Units that do venture to Chimney Park in the fall need to be aware of Wyoming hunting season dates, and they need to keep close to Baldwin Lodge, and not wander into the forest.

Emergency Situations

Each unit at Chimney Park needs to be “be prepared” for an emergency by having a first aid / CPR trained leader in attendance at all times. They need to have knowledge of emergency communication systems for obtaining help, and they need to have an exceptionally good cell phone for emergency calls. Emergencies may be responded to by the Fox Park Volunteer Fire Department, the Woods Landing Volunteer Fire Department, the City of Laramie Fire Department or the Albany County Sheriff. The closest hospital is in Laramie. Land telephones may be located at Fox Park and Woods Landing.

Use Regulations

  1. The U.S. Forest Service requires a special parking permit or vehicles will be ticketed.
  2. Four-wheel drive vehicles are not permitted off improved roads.
  3. Obey neighboring boundary and no trespassing signs.
  4. All U.S. Forest Service Regulations are to be followed

Service Projects

Many opportunities exist at Chimney Park for Scout service projects. For special projects check with the Chimney Park Committee. For the normal “good turn” type of projects try the following during your visit:

  • Pick-up trash from around the lake and surrounding areas
  • Clean the latrines and campfire area
  • Shovel snow from all latrine entrances, including the one near the roadside parking lot
  • Wash the windows
  • Wet mop the floor
  • Remove ashes from the cabin fireplace

Keep a record of your Scout/adult service hours and record them in the “Service Book” in the lodge. These hours count towards the lease payment to the U.S. Forest Service of $ 3,500.00 per year. Because Chimney Park Scout Camp is a council camp it is not eligible for Eagle Scout Projects. However, the area beyond the camp’s boundaries is the Medicine Bow National Forest where projects may be conducted if approved in advance by the U.S. Forest Service in Laramie, and the Scout’s district advancement committee.