Camp Laramie Peak Programs and Activities

CLP ziplines

Camp Laramie Peak has a ton of activities to keep any scout or adult active. Our summer camp programs include the traditional merit badges, a top-notch first year camper program, shooting sports, climbing, and our new extreme scouting activities.

We offer activities for scouts of all ages from handicraft, nature and the Roaring Lion Trail to First Class program for first year campers to our shooting sports and climbing for the returning scouts, and for the older scouts, we have a zipline, bmx biking, mountain boarding, and paintball.

Learn more about all of the things you can do during summer camp at Camp Laramie Peak.

CLP Unit photoRoaring Lion Trail to First Class

This program is designed to help your Scouts achieve ranks up to First Class. Program will be provided that meets many of the rank advancement in Tenderfoot, Second and First Class, not all requirements can be completed at camp. Staff will not sign off requirements completed but a progress sheet will be provided to aid you in testing their knowledge of the various subject. Scouts participating in this program will still have time to complete some Merit Badge work during their week at camp. There will be an overnighter and 5-mile hike each week.

Handicraft & Heritage

The Handicraft area at Camp Laramie Peak provides program for Basketry, Leatherwork and Wood Carving Merit Badges. The program is run open-program so Scouts can fill in their free time with an additional Merit Badge.

The Heritage Program offers Indian Lore and Wilderness Survival Merit Badges and is a unique enrichment of the CLP camping experience. Scouts will need to purchase an Indian Lore kit to complete the Indian Lore Merit Badge.

CLP TeepeesOutdoor Skills/Nature

CLP serves as a wonderful laboratory for exploring and studying the great outdoors. The Camp Laramie Peak Nature Program includes the following Merit Badges:

  • Astronomy
  • Environmental Science
  • Geology
  • Mammal Study.

The Environmental Science Merit Badge requires comprehension of complex concepts, so it is recommended for Scouts 13 and over.

CLP also offers opportunities for earning Merit badges on an Independent Study basis:

  • Bird Study
  • Nature
  • Reptile & Amphibian Study

Traditional Scouting skills are the trademarks of the Outdoor Skills Department:

  • Camping
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • First Aid
  • Orienteering
  • Pioneering

Shooting Sports

The Shooting Sports Department offers Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting Merit Badges. In addition, recreational Open Shooting is scheduled for each area. Both Shotgun Shooting and Rifle Shooting take a great deal of practice to qualify. Since Shotgun Shooting requires good upper body strength and fine motor skills, it is recommended for Scouts age 13 and over.

The Archery program at Camp Laramie Peak is made up of both the Archery Merit Badge and an extracurricular six target 3-D Field Archery Range. Because of the fine motor skills and upper body strength required, it is recommended that only Scouts age 13 and older participate.


The camp offers the digital option only on the Photography Merit Badge. Scouts will need to supply their own digital camera. As their final project, Scouts will work to put together the ‘Woods of Wisdom’, the Camp Laramie Peak newspaper. All troops will receive a copy of the newspaper before leaving camp.

Extreme Scouting

 CLP Mountain Boarder


Mountain Boarding

This is a well established extreme sport, derived from snowboarding. A mountainboard is made up of components including a deck, bindings to secure the rider to the deck, four wheels with pneumatic tires, and two steering mechanisms known as trucks. This is an extracurricular opportunity, there is no Merit Badge associated with this program.

BMX Biking

A form of a cycling sport in which the main goal is extreme racing on bicycles in Motocross style on tracks with inline start and expressive obstacles. This is an extracurricular opportunity, there is not Merit Badge associated with this program.

CLP BMX riderMountain Biking

Trail rides and overnighters are extracurricular opportunities at Camp Laramie Peak. Although there is no Merit Badge associated with this program, some requirements of the Cycling Merit Badge may be completed.


Camp Laramie Peak has a series of two ziplines at different locations in camp. Both are open at different times throughout the week. All Scouts and adults with an Xtreme wristband are invited to participate in this extracurricular opportunity.


The Climbing program has something for every age and skill level. Everyone must have an Xtreme wristband to participate.

The Climbing Program is made up of four distinct programs:

  • Climbing Merit Badge
  • Technical Bouldering
  • Scrambling
  • Adult Climb


CLP - ATV riderATVs

In 2016 Camp Laramie Peak added a very exciting new program – ATV’s!  Each week 8 Scouts can participate in the ATV training and then run the ATV course.  This is an extremely popular activity for older Scouts!  They must be 13 by September 1 to participate.  You don’t want to miss this opportunity!