Camp Jack Activities


Camp Jack has no facilities other than a latrine and campsites and offers Scouts exclusive use to the 160 acres. The area of Camp Jack is enclosed by a fenced boundary from Happy Jack Road on the south to a private property boundary fence on the north (see map). The gate to Camp Jack is locked, and a key must be obtained from the Park Manager at Park Headquarters. Camp Jack has capacity for approximately 150 people and up to 20 vehicles (including RV’s).
The area offers a great location for a number of activities, including the offerings at Curt Gowdy State Park.

Service Projects

Scout units are encouraged to contact the State Park Manager to arrange for service project work at the park. The park is especially interested in Project SOAR related conservation projects, bluebird nesting box construction projects, working with Scouts on Eagle Projects, and more. Scout service projects at Curt Gowdy State Park are the council’s payment for the lease on Camp Jack!

Archery Range

One of the area’s larger outdoor archery ranges is in the park. No fee is charged for its use, but archers are encouraged to call ahead in order to avoid conflicts with other archers.