Heroes of Scouting

The Heritage Committee has created a series of patches featuring “Heroes of Scouting”. In 2010 we started with Theodore Roosevelt and celebrated the 100th Anniversary of the BSA.

2012 Heritage Patch – Dr. Paul Siple

A new patch featuring a different hero will be introduced each year through 2015:

  • 2010 – Theodore Roosevelt
  • 2011 – Dan Beard
  • 2012 – Paul Siple
  • 2013 – Ernest Thompson Seton
  • 2014 – William T. Hornaday
  • 2015 – E Urner Goodman

Each year is also a celebration of the 100th Anniversary of some feature of Scouting:

  • 2010 – 100th Anniversary BSA
  • 2011 – 100th Anniversary Boys Life Magazine
  • 2012 – 100th Anniversary Sea Scouting
  • 2013 – 100th Anniversary Scouting Magazine
  • 2014 – 100th Anniversary of the Hornaday Award
  • 2015 – 100th Anniversary of the Order of the Arrow

Each patch comes with a printed citation about the featured hero.

Patches are $5.00 each, and all the funds go to support the Armstrong Heritage Center and Museum at BDSR so that it is a self-sufficient operation. The patches are available at the museum.

This Heroes’ Emblems Poster shows all the patches.