Ben Delatour Scout Ranch Camps

Boy Scout Resident Camp

The Ben Delatour Scout Ranch is organized into four geographical camping areas:

  • Camp Charles Jeffrey Boy Scout Camp
  • Soaring Eagle Boy Scout Camp at Camp Ruth Coffin
  • Jack Nicol Cub Scout Family Camp
  • Elkhorn High Adventure Base

Main camp, where the Boy Scout camp resides, is spread out over two locations; the patrol cooking camp Soaring Eagle, and Our Dining Hall side at Camp Jeffrey. Both camps run on the same schedule and participate in the same activities. Your Troop may participate in as many or as few activities as they decide as a unit.

Charles Jeffrey Boy Scout Camp

In the summer this camp serves meals out of the 350-seat Armstrong Coral Rock Lodge. The camp has ten campsite areas with tent platforms and space for individual tents:

  • Spence Site
  • Ridgeview Site
  • Tower Rock Site
  • Broken Axe Site
  • Chaplin Site
  • TCBY Site
  • Hill side Staff Site

The camp has a main campfire area: Tower Rock Camp Fire Ring. The well appointed open air Grannon Chapel is also located here. Pit latrines are located in or near each campsite. Each campsite has a stone circle fire pit. Our camp fallows state and county fire bans and a fire ban is usually in effect for most of the summer. Unfortunately if a ban is in place no camp site fires will be allowed.

Off-Season Use of Camp Jeffrey

The campsites listed above are available for use.  There are no tents set up in the off season so you will need to bring your own.  You can cook in the campsite with wood fire or charcoal as long as there are no fire bans.  Camp Jeffrey also has KOLA Lodge available for use in the off-season.

Soaring Eagle Boy Scout Camp

In the summer this camp is a patrol cooking camp where all meals are prepared in the campsite.  The camp has thirteen campsites divided into several patrol sites. Each site has five tent platforms and there is usually room for individual tent set-up


  • Hideaway Site – 1 patrol site
  • Lariat Site – 1 patrol site
  • VanderNoorde Vale Site – 2 patrol sites
  • Los Padros Site – 2 patrol sites
  • Lands End Site – 2 patrol sites
  • Buzzards Roost Site – 2 partol sites
  • Wagon Wheel Site – 1 patrol site (wheelchair accessable)
  • BP’s Gold Mine Site – 3 patrol sites

The camp also has the Flaming Arrow campfire area just southeast of the parking lot. In addition, it has the Cowpoke Chapel, Yucca Flats Archery Range, and Chuck Wagon Cooking area. Each campsite has a latrine located in or near the site. The COPE Course and Pancake Climbing Base are Off Limits Areas! Parking at the camp is limited, so overflow vehicles must go to the main parking lot.

Soaring Eagle is a Fires in Steel Fire Rings Only! camp.

Off-Season Use of Soaring Eagle

The campsites listed above are available for off season use.  You can also use Coffin Shelter.  The Chuck Wagon is closed in the off season.

Ruth Coffin Shelter

The Ruth Coffin Shelter is located in Soaring Eagle. It has a wood stove, and it can house up to ten campers on metal bunks. For district events it has the Kaufman Commissary, that can be used for food service, and it has a small office area. Several large (4ft long) charcoal grills for group cooking are mounted outside the building. A large picnic shelter was added in 2005.