Ben Delatour Scout Ranch Programs & Activities

Flags at BDSRBen Delatour plays host to thousands of Scouts and Scouters each summer offering dozens of options from our top-notch shooting sports program to our outdoor natural climbing program at Pancake Climbing Base, from over 20 merit badges to specialty programs including COPE.





Weaver Lake is a small but beautiful man made lake. It stays cold throughout the summer because is feed by glacial run off from the mountain tops. The waterfront offers Kayaking and Canoeing Merit Badges. Fishing and Fly-Fishing Merit Badges are offered at the fishing shack next to the lake.

Project C.O.P.E.

Project C.O.P.E. is a high-energy program designed to challenge and expand the physical and mental abilities of participants seeking this unique experience. C.O.P.E. comes in several forms. C.O.P.E is available to all Scouts and adults through a variety of different programs.


Shooting Sports

The Shooting Sports Department offers Rifle Shooting and Shotgun Shooting Merit Badges. In addition, recreational open shooting is scheduled for each area. Since Shotgun Shooting requires good upper body strength and fine motor skills, it is recommended for Scouts age 13 and over.


The Archery Merit Badge is an introduction to a sport of great skill and concentration. Because the Badge requires fine motor skills and good upper body strength, Archery is recommended only for Scouts age thirteen or older. Scouts are required to construct their own arrow. Arrow kits are available in the Trading Post for $4.50 (prices subject to change).

First Year Camper

Trail to First Class is now First Year Camper. 

We are moving away from second and third year campers signing up to get their First Class Rank. Trail to First Class is a begining not an end. No Scout or Troop should rely solely on camp for this rank advancement. If a Scout has not received the First Class rank by their second year at camp it is the troops responsibility to get that scout to First Class by signing them up for required merit badges etc.

When a scout signs up for FYC it is all inclusive they do not need to sign up for any other merit badges or activities. This NEW First Year Camper Program will be a bridge into the merit badge system and ways of Boy Scout Resident camp.

The NEW First Year Camper Trail to first Class will include:
Basketry/Leather working/Woodcarving
Beginer Orienteering course (not the full merit badge)
Overnighter w/ Patrol Cook Dinner
5 mile hike

Climbing at BDSR


Unlike virtually all other Scout camp climbing programs, Pancake Base Camp utilizes the unique and dramatic rock formations of BDSR, instead of artificial climbing towers, to instruct participants in four different programs: scrambling, climbing merit badge, advanced climbing and adult climb.

First Aid

We also have an Emergency Response program offering First Aid, Emergency Preparedness and Fire Safety.


An experienced and skilled staff works with Scouts on Leatherwork, Basketry and Woodcarving Merit Badges. Scouts are welcome to go and work on any of the Handicraft Merit Badges during their free period.



BDSR serves as a wonderful laboratory for exploring and studying the great outdoors. Astronomy, Environmental Science, Fish & Wildlife Management, Forestry, Geology, Mammal Study, Soil & Water Conservation, Space Exploration, and Weather Merit Badges are offered at this location in scheduled Merit Badge Classes. Opportunities abound for earning merit badges on an independent study basis. The Bird Study, Nature, and Reptile & Amphibian Study Merit Badges are offered only on an independent study basis.

Outdoor Skills

Traditional Scouting skills are the trademarks of the Outdoors Skills Department, where Camping, Orienteering, Pioneering, Wilderness Survival and Indian Lore Merit Badges are offered.