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Arapaho Chapter: OA Kola Lodge #464

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Do you have that certain boy, or group of boys, that has moved through the ranks and leadership and now feels there is “nothing more”? There is more! Check out Order of the Arrow! The Order of the Arrow is the BSA’s National Honor Society and is a Brotherhood of honor campers. For more details see the National OA website and this Wikipedia article.

Order of the Arrow provides more opportunities for Youth leadership (age 21 in OA), including higher levels up through National Chief, Fellowship and Service with other youth around the country, and a larger role in the future of Scouting and personal life. These are great reasons for recommending experienced youth.

OA members in the Mountain View District make up the Arapaho Chapter of the Longs Peak Council’s Kola Lodge. They meet the 2nd Thursday of every month. Please check the calendar for the exact place and time.

Eligible nominees are recommended and approved by the Scoutmaster/Coach, and MUST be First Class, or higher, with at least 15 overnight campouts in the past 2 years. Of those 15 nights, only 5 nights may be included from long term/fixed base camps (Summer camp). Individuals should be considered strong leaders that willingly help younger Scouts with their advancement, and enjoy camping.

OA Troop Representatives and Adult Advisers

If your troop does not yet have an OA Troop Representative(OATR), you can serve in the office if you are an active and current OA youth member. Service as an OATR is a troop leadership position that counts toward Boy Scout rank advancement requirements and helps your Unit OA members stay in touch with what’s happening in the Lodge and Chapter. Unit Advisers must also be Active(current).

The OA Troop Representative is appointed by the troop SPL, with the Scoutmaster’s approval and then is supervised by the troop ASPL.

Contact the Chapter Chief or the Chapter Adviser(below) to learn how to register.

Find more information about the Troop Representative Job Description on the National OA website.

OA Unit Elections

Every year the Arapaho Chapter of the Order of the Arrow sets up appointments for Unit Elections to select candidates for membership. Additional information or a Visitation/Election date can be scheduled by filling out the Mountain View OA Elections form.

View/Print the official announcement.

Unit Elections are conducted each year before March 31. The chapter is striving for Chapter Journey to Excellence and would like to contact 100% of the Troops/Teams in the district.

All unit elections MUST be conducted by a certified OA election team. Units may not conduct their own elections, even if they have OA members within their units. The Chapter will not conduct any elections after March 31 for the current election cycle.

We need to know:

  • Your unit type and number
  • Date you would like your elections to be held. Elections are first come, first served. Please have 3 dates in mind.
  • Location of troop meeting, including street address.
  • Contact person with phone number.
  • We will call you a month before to gather important information for the election.
  • Sign up for Unit OA elections by filling out the Mountain View OA Elections form or contacting the Associate Chapter Advisor Joe Ashworth at wafdof95@comcast.net.

Vigil Honor Recognition

The Vigil Honor Recognition in the Order of the Arrow is Awarded, Not Earned, by “Going Above and Beyond” the expected duties and responsibilities of membership and/or office  position, in support and service to the ideals and obligation of the Order of the Arrow, as observed by other Arrowmen.

This year’s Vigil Honor Selections Committee will be meeting during the Fall LLD, on October 13, 2017.

Recommendations for the Vigil Honor are accepted at any time during the year, but must be submitted and received by the Vigil Honor Adviser, no later than the selection committee meeting date.

I have attached the MV-Kola 2017 Vigil Recomendation Form and a MV-Kola- How You Can Help Your Worthy Candidate Get Selected for the Vigil Honor to assist in writing up a nomination.

Any Arrowman, a member in the Order of the Arrow, may present a Recommendation letter placing any eligible Arrowman, Youth or Adult, for selection consideration by the committee.

The recommended individual must be a Brotherhood member for 2 years or more, actively involved in any aspect of Scouting, and have current BSA and OA dues paid. If in doubt whether the individual is currently eligible, contact the Vigil Honor Adviser or Lodge Adviser for verification or additional information.

In the Brotherhood of Cheerful Service,

Butch Josh
Vigil Honor Adviser, Kola Lodge
c) 720-934-0497


For more information about the Order of the Arrow, Kola Lodge, or Arapaho Chapter, please contact the District Executive, John Eastman.