What does a Commissioner do?

As a unit commissioner, you are one of the most important influences to ensure quality Scouting. With your help, the units you serve will be prepared to provide an even better program to the boys and young adults they serve. Because of you, boys and young adults will stay in the Scouting program longer!

Commissioner Training

Commissioner Basic Training is required for all Unit Commissioners, Assistant District Commissioners, and District Commissioners.

Commissioners are required to take Youth Protection Training every two years, and are encouraged to take more advanced training such as College of Commissioner Science and Wood Badge.

Find more information on Commissioner Basic Training and other Scout Leader training on the Mountain View District Adult Leader Training page.

District Commissioners Meeting

District Commissioners Meeting is held monthly, usually the second Thursday of each month at 6:30pm (Held immediately before roundtables.) This meeting is for all District Commissioners, Assistant District Commissioners and Unit Commissioners. Check the District Calendar for date and time.

Unit Self-Assessment Worksheets

Additional Resources for Unit Commissioners

Unit History Forms

To help Commissioners keep track of their units and to provide an effective transition between commissioners, when one hands off a unit to another, we recommend that a folder be maintained for each unit. This Unit History Folder should comprise several sections, including unit leadership information, program and activities, contact history, etc. The documents listed here were compiled and developed by a previous District Commissioner, and can serve as a useful starting point for a unit folder.