Investment in Character and Leadership

Investment in Character and Leadership (ICL) is our annual fundraising campaign to support the local council operating expenses. All money raised stays here locally within the Longs Peak Council. Your donation helps in many ways:

  • Maintain our 5 camps
  • Assistance to low income families
  • Maintain your membership and advancement records
  • Program service though your district executive
  • District Awards and recognition
  • and much more

2018 ICL Info

The 2018 Mountain View District goal is $87,000 on or before April 2, 2018.

Our family campaign — driven at the unit level — is targeting $60,000 or more in pledged contributions.  Many local companies provide matching funds so we will focus on reaping that benefit as well.  Your family ICL Chair is Bill Dunford. Please reach out to him for assistance in planning a successful presentation to your unit.

The annual Distinguished Citizen Dinner goal is $27,000.  The committee has selected an honoree and is organizing the dinner.  Be sure to reserve your tickets early to make this a memorable event.

2018 Mountain View District Goals & Status

  • Family – Goal $60,000                   
    • April Results:  $36,214 (60%) – Need unit help
  • Community – Goal $27,000          
    • April Results:  $25,870 (96%)
  • Total – Goal $87,000                      
    • April Results:  $62,084 (71%)

Unit Accomplishments

Following Units have achieved their Investment in Character and Leadership Goals.

Packs: 47, 158 and 673

LDS: 260, 601 and 660