Merit Badge Counselors New Process and FAQ

After months of waiting, the Longs Peak Council was granted administrative access to Scoutbook for the first time at noon on Thursday, December 15th. This gives us the ability to upload Merit Badge Counselor lists. Because of our desire to fully utilize the many features Scoutbook provides, the Longs Peak Council has recently revised its Merit Badge Counselor process. We were provided this access without training so we are learning as fast as we can right along-side you!

*Please be aware that our administrative access to Scoutbook only allows us to upload the list from Scoutnet, not to make changes to registrant information or usage in Scoutbook.

Merit Badge Counselor information in the BSA system will take priority over information you have added to Scoutbook yourself. Please be sure the information you submit to the Council is current and complete, including the badges you wish to counsel.

Because of the information required by Scoutbook to register a Merit Badge Counselor, we will be reviewing the requirements for registration. When submitting applications for Merit Badge Counselors the following information is REQUIRED:

  • Revised Merit Badge Counselor Application (available at in 2017)
    • Because Scoutbook requires BOTH a phone number and email address, applications missing one or both will not be processed. If your phone number or email address changes during the year, please contact your service center to update them. If any other information has changed from your previous application, please highlight it clearly on your new application so we can make those updates.
    • Please be sure your handwriting is legible. Un-readable applications will not be processed.
    • If you know your member ID (if you are registered in Scoutbook or you should have your BSA ID) please put it on the application. This cuts processing time by half.
    • Please utilize the “Add/Drop” box so we are aware of any badges you would like to drop.
    • Don’t forget to sign your application!
  • A new adult application is required for people not CURRENTLY registered as a Merit Badge Counselor. If you are already registered and are simply adding or dropping badges, a Merit Badge Counselor application marked “A” or “D” next to the badge is all that is needed.
  • Youth Protection is REQUIRED for all registered positions in Scouting. If the Youth Protection Training Date line is left blank and there is no certificate attached to the application, IT WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. The safety of our Scouts is our number one priority and we take this training very seriously. Longs Peak Council Boy Scouts of America MBC FAQ
  • If you have ever, in your entire registration with the Longs Peak Council, been a Merit Badge Counselor, those badges have been retained in your profile and will be renewed with your registration. It is up to you to know what badges you are registered for. If you are unsure of your Merit Badge listing, please contact your District Executive and they will get you a list.
  • Beginning in 2017, Merit Badge Counselors will not have the option of advising in a unit or district only. Scoutbook connects Scouts and Counselors by zip code and search area so counselors must be available to assist scouts outside their unit and district. Previously, unit or district only designations were done by hand. Due to manpower restrictions, this option is no longer available to us. Please be generous with your knowledge, we are teaching scouts to be helpful and you are a vital link in their advancement as scouts and young men.
  • Emails concerning your Scoutbook account are generated by Scoutbook and not copied to the Council. If you receive an email from Scoutbook concerning your Merit Badge Counselor status and have questions, please forward it to the Council Registrar or Executive Assistant with your question to assure we are all on the same page.
  • The Longs Peak Council does not create accounts on Scoutbook. They are generated automatically to coincide with the BSA Merit Badge Counselor upload. We are unable to access Scoutbook accounts, retrieve passwords or logins, or alter accounts in any way.
  • If you no longer wish to be a Merit Badge Counselor, please contact the Council Registrar or Executive Assistant to have your registration expired.
  • For those Scouts not using Scoutbook, a list of registered Merit Badge Counselors is available from your District Advancement Chair or District Executive. Lists are sorted by Badge.
  • Merit Badge Counselors will be updated and uploaded quarterly; in March, June, September, and December.

We appreciate your patience during the long journey to provide Merit Badge Counselor information to our Scouts and Scouters. This is a learning experience for everyone involved and will surely have hiccups. We hope that the Council will utilize Scoutbook and all of the fantastic options it provides for keeping Scouts connected!