Cub Scout Day Camp

Cub Scout Day Camp

What is Cub Scout Day Camp?

Day camp is organized by the Indian Peaks District and is a multi-day program for Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, and Webelos Scouts. It is conducted under certified leadership at an approved site during daylight hours. Day camp does not include any overnight activities. Certification of the day camp director and program director is provided through the National Camping School. Day camp programs are theme-based and usually include nature, sports, aquatics, and crafts.

Attending camp is a wonderful part of the Cub Scouting experience, and it helps your pack earn Scouting’s Journey to Excellence and Summertime Pack Awards. The Pack must provide leadership and adult supervision for their Cub Scouts who attend Day Camp, plus provide for transportation to and from the camps.

Cub Scout Day Camp 2017 – “CSI: Cub Scout Investigation”

In 2017, Cub Scout Day Camp was once again held at the Boulder Valley Church of Christ, on June 9th and 10th.

What did your Cub Scout do at Day Camp?

All our Cub Scouts had a great time at Day Camp. For Den Leaders who are trying to figure out what they did, here is a list of activities that may relate to adventure requirements:

  1. All Ranks have a “Leave No Trace” requirement. All our Cub Scouts learned the seven Leave no Trace principles, and how they would apply to an outdoor activity.  They did NOT cover the Outdoor Code, which is required for the older ranks.
  2. All our Cub Scouts participated in Shooting Sports and earned the pocket patch, with only 2 exceptions. The Pack Advancement Chair or a Den Leader needs to take the paperwork for the Pack or Den to the Scout Shop in Louisville to get the patch.  Many of our scouts also earned the rank specific device that goes on the patch, and again, the paperwork for this needs to go to the Scout Shop to get the recognition device.
  3. Our Scouts did an “Outdoor Cooking” recipe, although it was too hot and windy to do it outdoors. They also investigated the properties of three different substances.
  4. All the Cub Scouts investigated Physical Fitness and learned to check their pulse both before and after exercising, and the importance of stretching muscles to prevent injury.
  5. We learned and played a new team game.
  6. The Scouts made a “Sherlock” hat, and built a periscope from wood.
  7. The Bear, Webelos and AOL Cub Scouts helped plant three trees.
  8. The Wolf and Tiger Cub Scouts planted flowers.
  9. All ranks have now participated in a “Day Long” outdoor activity, and have practiced fingerprinting.

For more information or if you have questions, please contact Patty Shannon at scoutmom9195 [at] gmail [dot] com.

2017 Day Camp Reference Materials

Cub Scout Day Camp 2016 – “Take Flight”

In 2016, Cub Scout Day Camp was held at the Boulder Valley Church of Christ on June 10th and 11th.

Thank you to all those who helped put on our amazing “Take Flight” Day Camp. We had educational and exciting presentations by Catherine Jepson of Raptor Watch and Captain William Boyd on Drones. Day Camp director Patty Shannon did a fantastic job organizing this event. The Scouts had a wonderful time learning all about the principles of flight with archery, bb-guns, water balloon beach volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, compass course, and an assortment of crafts. A BIG thank you to those listed below who assisted the event by being on the committee and/or hosting a station. We are already talking about next year, when our theme will be “CSI – Cub Scout Investigations”. If you have some great ideas, and would like to help on the committee or host a station for this event, please contact Patty Shannon.

  • Patty S – Principles of Flight and Day Camp Director
  • Camille F – Crafts and Committee
  • Diann W – Crafts and Committee
  • Dawnell P – Committee
  • Tom H – BB-gun Director and Day Camp Program Director
  • Jeffrey M – BB-gun RSO
  • Dick H – Archery Director
  • Charlie H – Archery and Committee
  • Stephanie C – Archery RSO
  • Don L – Archery instructor and RSO
  • Gayle T – Water Balloon Beach Volley Ball and Committee
  • Colleen H – Day Camp Medic
  • Boy Scouts of Troop 49, 278, 69 – Compass Course
  • Boulder Valley Church of Christ – Location Hosts