New Funding Model

Dear Parent or Guardian of a Scout:

As fellow Scouters, we can all agree that the investment we make in our children today will directly and profoundly impact their personal and character development, the future strength of their families, and the overall well-being of our local communities and nation. To reflect that shared agreement, we are rebranding our historical Friends of Scouting funding campaign to reflect a more accurate concept which reflects our shared vision of the benefits that result from Investment in Character and Leadership (“ICL”).

The value of our investment is strongly supported by a powerful 3-year longitudinal study out of Tufts University which found that participation in Scouting resulted in measurable and positive impact in the character development of young people.

The Board of Directors and staff of our council believe so strongly in the benefits of our program that we work throughout the year to raise two thirds ($400) of the $600 cost per scout that it requires to fund the full operating budget of the council, including new capital projects and depreciation on our buildings and camp properties. The purpose of this letter is to ask you to share in our work and investment by contributing one third of this cost, or $200 per Scout on an annual basis. (This is in addition to the $33 annual registration fee, effective 12/1/17, due to the Boy Scout of America.) Each Scout can meet their fair share of council expenses by fulfilling one, or an equivalent combination, of the following:

  • A tax-deductible $200* donation to the unit’s ICL campaign on behalf of the council.
  • Raising $650 in popcorn sales; ($200 is credited to the council on behalf of the Scout, and $200 goes directly to the local unit)
  • Raising $500 in camp card sales, ($250 to the unit, $200 to the council),
  • Raising $650 in nut sales (40% to the unit, 30% to the council & 30% in product cost and expenses).

We understand that a $200 contribution may not be possible for all families. For this reason, we offer the Scout an opportunity to sell popcorn, camp cards or nuts so as to relieve the family of this financial request while also supporting the financing needs of their local unit.

We thank you for your continued support of Scouting and our new funding model to help assure delivery of a quality program in the Longs Peak Council.

Yours in Scouting,

William “Bill” Emslie
Council President
Longs Peak Council, Boy Scouts of America

* For a Colorado resident, the Colorado Child Care Contribution Credit (CCCCC) program instituted in 1999 provides a 50% state tax credit for any contribution to a qualifying organization. Since monetary contributions to the ICL qualify for the CCCCC tax credit, you can decrease the after tax cost of your gift by as much as 75%


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