Investment In Character & Leadership

As fellow Scouters, we can all agree that the investment we make in our children today will directly and profoundly impact their personal and character development, the future strength of their families, and the overall well-being of our local communities and nation. To reflect that shared agreement, we are rebranding our annual historical Friends of Scouting funding campaign to reflect a more accurate concept which reflects our shared vision of the benefits that result from Investment in Character and Leadership (“ICL”).

Right now, Scouting is making a huge difference helping to keep our young people on a positive course in their life’s journey. You can’t put a dollar value on character and leadership, but when they’re absent, we pay a tremendous price. Please assist us shape the character and leadership of our youth, so they can develop into responsible citizens.

The value of our investment is strongly supported by a powerful 3-year longitudinal study out of Tufts University which found that participation in Scouting resulted in measurable and positive impact in the character development of young people.

Help us provide a life-changing, transformational Scouting program to over 10,000 young people in the Longs Peak Council, BSA. Please make a generous gift online today.

Please join me in making an investment in youth and making a huge difference in the lives of our Scouts!

Your Investment at Work



Yours in Scouting,


John Carroll
President & CEO
Ed Carroll Motor Company
2018 Investment in Character and Leadership Chair