MV Roundtable Handouts

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Handouts from the Boy Scout Roundtable held Jan, 11. 2018 MV- District Award of Merit Nomination Form MV- District Awards Nomination Information MV- STEM_NOVA in Scouting MV-Surge Recognition Device

Handouts from the Cub Roundtable on Jan. 11, 2018 MV Cub Klondike 2018 Flyer MV- Cub Roundtable Newsletter 2018-01 MV- STEM_NOVA in Scouting

Lots of information this month! MV- Unit Benefits Council Camp MV- LPC and Avalanche discount MV- Nomination Dist BS MV- Roundtable Newsletter 2017-11 MV-IP 11-9-2017 Klondike flyer MV-IP Spring 2018 Training

MV-Charter Turn in Schedule 2017 MV-2017 Internet Rechartering Frequently Asked Questions_Volunteer Edition_09012017 MV-Internet Recharter Updates 101217 rev1

  MV 2017 College of Commissioner Science MV CS Roundtable Newsletter 2017-09 MV Cub Scout 2017 Fall Weekends MV- Intro to Scoutbook

Scout Day with Colorado Sports Teams Scout Day with the Buffs – Sept. 9 Cub Scout Survival Day hosted by the Colorado Avalanche – Sept. 16 Scout Day at the Rockies – Sept. 16 AFA Scout Day – Oct. 14   Fall Cub Scout Weekends at Camp Nicol Fall Colors – Sept. 16 Shooting Sports […]

The April 2017 Roundtable focused on Journey to Excellence. Here are the handouts from this meeting.