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Link Your Unit Page

Would you like a link from this page (and our District Unit Locator) to your unit WWW page?

You must conform to the BSA Unit WWW Guidelines  and the Council Web Policies before you can be linked from this page.

When your web site meets these policies, send an email to the Cache La Poudre District Webmaster, telling us the address of your site and stating that your web site meets the policies. The site will be reviewed, and if it conforms, will be linked.

Most Common Policy Violations

  • Listing first and last names of youth members
  • Listing youth contact information (phone # or email)
  • Having a list of Leaders with contact info (phone/email) (Having contact info for one key unit leader is fine)
  • Advertising or banner ads from your host
  • Having links to personal pages
  • Having links to other sites not directly related to your unit’s program
  • Using the same page format as the Council and District pages (we’re flattered, but must make a clearer distinction between the official Council site and unit pages).

If you want to provide more detailed info for your unit members only, consider creating password-protected pages on your site.

Other Problems

  • Copies of District, Council, or BSA Forms. Do not copy these files to your unit web site. Instead, provide a link to the form on the District/Council/BSA web site. That way, you will always be pointing to the latest/official version.