Commissioner Resources

Commissioner Training

A trained commissioner is an effective commissioner. provide a large number of training materials at this link.

Commissioner Tools

Commissioner Tools is a tool available on It’s intended to help commissioners better perform their duties by improving efficiency and easy access of information. A few examples of what can be done in Commissioner Tools:

  • Assign commissioners to units.
  • Record contacts.  A commissioner is most effective through frequent contact with their units so they can build a friendly and trusting relationship.
  • Roundtable administrations.  Plan, record attendance, and monitor effectiveness.
  • Conduct assessments to help a unit improve. In concert with the Unit Service Plan and Journey to Excellence (JTE), the tool provides the ability to record the results and build action plans that may access and incorporate district, council, and other resources beyond the unit.
  • Monitor a unit’s progress. Access unit information.

Commissioner Tools Resources

  • Commissioner Tools Acronyms and Definitions – link
  • Recording Unit Contacts in Commissioner Tools – link
  • Recording Roundtable Reports – link
  • Troubleshooting Guide – link

Other Resources

For unit leaders, the Unit Resources page will contain a lot of the information and documents that will help your unit be successful.

JTE forms

  • The 2016 JTE scorecards are available here
  • The 2017 JTE scorecards are available here