Ben Delatour Scout Ranch Camp Counselor in Training Program

Camp Counselor in Training Program

Ben Delatour Scout Ranch

Red Feather Lakes, Colorado


Basic Requirements

  • Fourteen years of age on June 1, 2019.
  • Currently enrolled in a Scout program (Boys or Girls).
  • Full Scouting uniform (field uniform of venturing shirt, pants and socks).
  • Three references from non-family members expressing character, leadership and work ethic.
  • Attend the mandatory staff training week (beginning Sunday, June 2 at 10 am).
  • Attend one weekend service day in either April or May (dates to be determined).
  • Have one or several full weeks available to be part of staff.


Fundamental Responsibilities

  • Perform the duties of troop ambassador, helping our guests find where program is, working with Senior Patrol Leaders on basic camp policies and keeping the unit informed of all activities
  • Assist in program areas when asked.
  • Assist on special evening activities when asked.
  • Assist with Ranger duties as needed (this may include helping clean latrines or showers, not often).


General Camp Life

  • Housing will be in a wall tent of your own.
  • Every CIT will receive $20 in trading post credit to spend for each week they provide service to the camp.
  • Normal work day is 7:15 am staff meeting, 9am-11:30 am program time, 1:30 to 5pm program time, 7pm-9pm program time.
  • Work week is from 10 am Sunday until 10 am the following Saturday.
  • Camp runs every week until July 27th except the week of June 30th to July 6th.
  • Every CIT will have one evening that there will be no camp responsibility. Leaving camp to go to town is at the discretion of the parent/guardian.  Leaving camp other than for the purpose of going home on Saturday is not recommended by camp management.
  • All CIT’s must go home on Saturday to Sunday day off. Carpooling is recommended.  Carpools are normally set up during staff week.
  • CIT’s may earn merit badges available at camp at the discretion of the camp Program Director.



All applications are through our digital hiring portal,

No applications are accepted via phone or email.  Apply for the Counselor in Training position.

Refer all questions to