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WWW Policies Revision Info

Revision December 18,2004:
  • Updated BSA Guidance for Unit Web Sites Section based on updated info from National.
Revision March 25, 2001:
  • Added BSA Guidance for Unit Web Sites Section.
  • Changed notification for alternate or non- listing to Council webmaster (maintains this info, getting updates from Council).
  • Added Link to permission form and mailto link to Council Webmaster.
Revision May 15, 1999:
  • Re-arranged introduction paragraphs and elaborate on purpose
  • Moved info on Outside Links to new Appropriate Materials category
Draft - Revision 2:
  • Added "No Advertisements" section.
  • Added Scoumaster List example in the "Private Information" section.
  • Added "certain parts of" to the Council Newsletter example in the "Private Information" section.


These policies were discussed by the Longs Peak Council's Technology Strategic Planning Group in February, 1999.

In addition to many of our own ideas, we borrowed ideas from several other Councils in coming up with these policies:

Thanks to the BSA's Webmaster, Jim Shamlin, for clarification of certain BSA policies.

It is expected that they will be evolved/maintained by an Electronics Communications Committee consisting of the Council Webmaster(s), District Webmasters, and selected Council/District executives.

Please send your comments to the Webmaster.

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