Tour Planning

Our council’s primary interest in reviewing tour plans is to help ensure that Scouts are kept safe from injury through leaders trained appropriately according to the activities and through a concerted unit effort to think through potential dangers of the outing, including the transportation of Scouts. It is also to help adult leaders insulate themselves from unnecessary risk of liability.  For more information use this link to the LPC Tour Planning guidelines – LPC Tour Plan Guidelines

BSA’s New Online Tour and Activity Plan

The BSA’s new Online Tour and Activity Plan is the recommended method for completing your Tour Plans. It does not require any signatures and does not require the council office approval step.
It is easy to use, and it is easy to re-use entered info for future tour plans.  You can access this online tool through your account.
As the plan is completed online, the required prerequisites for that type of trip or activity will be displayed.
Training Video

If you cannot use the Online Tour Plan, you still have the option of filling out the “paper” Tour and Activity Plan form, getting the required signatures, and submitting it to one of the Council service centers for approval.  You can also scan and email it to:

Please read the LPC Tour Plan Guidelines. It has additional important information, including details on both methods of filing your Tour Plans.

Wilderness Use Permits

Scout groups using some Wilderness Areas must obtain a “Visitor Use Permit” prior to arrival.
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New – Float Plan Form

A float plan is required, by BSA’s Guide to Safe Scouting, for all trips where you will use watercraft.


  • Always provide a copy to a unit contact who is not on the trip.
  • When the trip involves operating the watercraft on moving water (example: canoeing or rafting trip on a river), you must also file a copy with the council. Attach it to your online or paper tour plan.