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Night Owl Weekend 2012

Friday-Saturday, October 26-27

(optional overnight on Saturday)

Camp Soaring Eagle - Ben Delatour Scout Ranch

For Venturing Crews, Explorer Posts and Ships!

$15.00 per participant

Venturing Night Owl Activities:

  • COPE
  • Shooting Sports
  • Land Navigation
  • Leave No Trace
  • Conservation
  • Breakfast & Lunch on Saturday

Bonus Activities Saturday Afternoon:

You must RSVP by October 22 for climbing, additional cost of $15.00 per participant (covers our food and instructor fees).

  • Climbing
  • Haunted Castle
  • Dinner Saturday night
  • Breakfast Sunday morning
  • Helping tear down the haunted weekend's program
  • Hike the Greg Boundary Trail (need to know at check in if you are planning on participating in the Hike)


Please preregister and pay in advance so that we may have an accurate count of attendees. Please pay for only those you are 100% sure and then let us know by October 24 if your participation has changed.

Register Here

What to bring:

  • Warm Clothes
  • Flashlight
  • Tent
  • Sleeping Gear
  • Water Bottles


Friday Night Schedule

6:00pm - Arrive, Check In at Coffin Shelter in Soaring Eagle at Ben Delatour Scout Ranch, Camp Set Up
7:00pm - mass land navigation course
8:00pm - Break into 3 groups for activity round Robin
  • Group A: *Shooting Sports
  • Group B: *COPE
  • Group C: *Land Nav.
10:00pm - Round Robin 2nd iteration
  • Group A: *COPE
  • Group B: *Land Nav.
  • Group C: *Shooting Sports
12:00pm - Round Robin 3rd iteration
  • Group A: *Land Nav.
  • Group B: *Shooting Sports
  • Group C: *COPE
2:00am - Return to camp
2:00am- 4:00am Halloween movies
4:00am - Lights out

Saturday Schedule

7:00 - Breakfast at Camp Jack Nicol
8:00 - *Leave No Trace Workshop
9:00 - *Conservation Project Planning
10:00 - *Conservation Project
12:00 - Lunch, Camp Jack Nicol
12:45 - Conservation Project Report all people pitch in
1:20pm - Pick up camp
1:45 - End of Program

Bonus Activities Saturday Afternoon

(Additional $15.00. Sign up Here)

2:00 pm - *Climb Pancake
4:00pm - end climbing
5:00 - Dinner
6:00 - Night Owl is complete
Crews wishing to stay overnight may join the cub scouts in going through the Haunted Castle!

Sunday Schedule

7:00 - Breakfast
8:00 - *Lead Cub Scouts in Police call of Haunted Weekend Area
Greg Boundary Trail for those who signed up Friday night at check in.

*indicates that activity fulfills a core requirement for the Ranger Award

Ranger Award Requirements

Venturers will have the opportunity to fulfill the following Core Requirements for the Ranger Award:

5(a) Using a topographical map for your area or the area you will be navigating in, demonstrate that you know the following map symbols: Index contour, Vertical Control Station, Hard surface heavy-duty road, Railroad single track, Power transmission line, Building, Checked spot elevation, Marsh, Map scale, Intermittent stream, Depression, Ridge, Trail, Stream, Hard surface medium duty road, bridge, Cemetery, Campsite, Water well or spring, Unimproved dirt road.

5(b) Explain contour lines. Be able to tell the contour interval for your map and be able to show the difference between a steep and a gentle slope.

5(c) Using a map and compass, navigate an orienteering course that has at least six legs covering at least 2.5 miles.

5(d) Learn to use a global positioning system (GPS) receiver. Demonstrate that you can find a fixed coordinate at night using a GPS receiver or a geocaching.

6(a) Recite and explain the principles of Leave No Trace.

8(a) Plan, lead, and carry out a significant conservation project from one of the following categories: Energy conservation, Soil and water conservation, Fish and wildlife management, Forestry and range management, Air and water pollution control, Resource recovery (recycling), Hazardous material disposal and management, Invasive species control.

Venturers will have the opportunity to fulfill requirements from the following electives for the Ranger Award:

3. Learn and then teach the following climbing knots to your crew, another crew, a Scout group, or another group: Figure eight on a bight, Water knot, Bowline on a coil, Figure eight follow-through, Grapevine knot

4.a. Learn about the different types of ropes available for climbing and explain the uses of each and the characteristics of each.

5.a. Demonstrate the difference between natural and artificial anchors.

5.c. Tell about proper climbing safety both before and during a climb.

5.e. Learn about appropriate clothing, footwear, gloves, helmets, and other climbing gear.

6. Be able to correctly put on and then be able to teach others how to put on at least two of the following: Commercially made climbing harness, Diaper sling, Knotted leg-loop seat, Swiss seat sling

7.b. Learn and then demonstrate that you know proper verbal climbing and belaying signals used between climber and belayer.

8.a. Under the supervision of a qualified rappelling or climbing instructor, rappel at least 30 feet down a natural or artificial obstacle.

8.b. Under the supervision of a qualified climbing instructor, climb at least 30 feet up a natural or artificial obstacle.

Project Cope

1.a. Complete a BSA Project COPE course including both low and high initiatives. -OR-

1.b. After you have personally been through a COPE course, help run at least two other COPE courses.

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