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Quarterly Forums

Forums are for all adult leaders and all youth members from all Longs Peak Council Venturing Crews and Sea Scout Ships! Sharing your Crew successes with other Crews is an extremely valuable part of all Forums.

  • 2013 Dates:
    • Tuesday, February 18th
    • Tuesday, May 21st
    • Wednesday, October 9th
    • Tuesday, December 17th

Venturing Committee Meetings

For 2013, the Venturing Committee will meet on the same dates as the Forums listed above.


If you have any questions, please contact:
Chris Lange, Council Venturing Committee Chair
Home: 307 851-2917
Work: 307 772-8950
   or    Carey Anson, Staff Advisor
307 258-8146

Venturing Registration and Refund Policy

All activities require pre-registration. All Activities have a $5.00 non-refundable per person deposit. Reservations will not be accepted without this deposit. The balance due will be payable at the beginning of the activity.

LPC Venturing Activities

See the Council Calendar for dates of upcoming Venturing Activities.

* COPE, Climbing, & Shooting Days

You can schedule your own COPE, Climbing or Shooting Day. These days can be scheduled any Saturday or Sunday throughout the year (excluding June and July). You will get a full day (10:00 am-4:00 pm) of COPE, Climbing or Shooting (you must choose only one program per day).
Climbing Day or COPE Day
Cost is $70 (required at the time of reservation) for the first 5 participants and then an additional $5 for each participant after that.
Safe Shooting
Cost is $70 (required at the time of reservation) plus the cost of ammunition for whichever discipline you would like to shoot that day:
  • Shotgun - 4 shots for $1
  • Rifle Range - 20 shots for $1
  • Handgun (.22 caliber) - 20 shots for $1
  • Handgun (all other caliber) - 5 shots for $1
  • Archery - No Additional Cost
Pick a date that works for your Venture Crew and call the Longs Peak Council Office. We will line up a staff member who will assist you the day of your program.

Please make your reservation 10 days in advance.


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Event Patch and Segments

Venturing Awards

* Longs Peak Council Venturing Activities Award

Nineteen award segments are now available.

* Links

Venturing Forms (Links in Longs Peak Council Forms Index)

National Venturing Webpage

Formerly Sea Exploring, Sea Scouts is still strongly affiliated with Venturing. Go to the National Sea Scout Webpage

National Venturing Youth Cabinet  

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