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Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Come join your Commissioner and District Committee colleagues for a day of training, classes, networking, food and fun. Every year we add more and more topical, relevant classes for all Commissioners & Scouters alike! Come check us out!

Great Location!   National Syllabus!   Open to all Adult Scouters!

* Event Flyer - - Download, Print and Hand Out this flyer to your Commissioners and District Committee

Directions Going south on I-25:
  Take exit 268, Prospect Rd
  Go west 2 miles to Timberline Rd
  Turn left onto Timberline Rd
  Go 1.3 miles to church on the left
  Park on east side, enter through East Tower

Going north on I-25:
  Take exit 265, Harmony Rd
  Go west 2.5 miles to Timberline Rd
  Turn right onto Timberline Rd
  Go 1.7 miles to church on the right
  Park on east side, enter through East Tower

Location:Timberline Church
2908 S Timberline Road
Fort Collins, CO
Cost:$20.00 (includes all course materials, beverages, lunch)
$25 if you register after September 21st
Please pay online, mail payment, or take to a council service center.
Prerequisite:All Participants must be registered adult scouters and hold a current Youth Protection Certification.

* Registration

  • Online Registration is CLOSED.
  • Late registration may be available on "case-by-case basis". Contact Steve Powell.
  • Pre-registration is required.

Courses Offered

* Bachelor of Commissioner Science Courses

BCS 101 - The Commissioner Concept and UCB Part 1
Understanding that the only reason for having commissioners is to help units succeed.  You will learn the history and concept of commissioner service, key duties of the commissioner positions, ways we serve the unit. And the resources to accomplish this.

BCS 102 - Charter Renewal and UCB Part 3
Since Commissioners are responsible for on-time unit charter renewal, this course explains the charter concept and steps in the annual process. You will learn: ways to guide units and chartered organizations through the renewal process from membership inventory to use of the online charter renewal tool.

BCS 103 - The Commissioner and the District
Understanding that Scouting is a volunteer movement whose success is due to the relationship of volunteers and the professional staff.  You will learn: the district structure and functions, the relationship of district professional staff and volunteers.  How to use the district resources to support units and qualities of a successful district using the Journey to Excellence scorecard.

BCS 104 - Unit Visitation and UCB Part 2
Commissioners’ primary role as a friend to the unit is to help the unit succeed. At the core of unit service and the most basic task is the unit visit. This is where the unit can experience the caring and support that the commissioner offers. You will learn: the importance of using the Commissioner worksheets, identify ways to demonstrate good commissioner service, and how the concept of commissioner service is demonstrated in monthly unit visits.

BCS 107 - Unit Journey to Excellence
Learn about the elements of the Unit Journey to Excellence and what it takes to ensure success in every unit. You will learn: how to identify the key categories of performance for JTE, how the commissioner staff affects the unit JTE.

BCS 108 - District Roundtable Workshop
This class combines BCS 108, 109 & 128. It covers Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturing Roundtables.

BCS 116 - Collaborative Assessment
How to conduct an action planning meeting with a unit using the Unit Self-Assessment.  You will learn: how to use the tools and guidelines for the APP and how the commissioner guides the unit leader and the unit chair through the assessment process, and well as monitors and reports progress throughout the year.

BCS 118 - Serving Scouts with Special Needs
This course will provide Commissioners with knowledge to share with unit leaders so they can design a program providing these youth with the Scouting opportunities to succeed. You will learn: methods of understanding, how to implement an individualized scout achievement plan, key factors as to how to respond to the needs of these special youth.

BCS 121 - Introduction to Venturing Commissioner Science
This course provides commissioners with the aims, methods and goals of the Venturing program. You will learn: the roles and responsibilities of youth and adults, crew dynamics and training specific to the program.

BCS 129 - Emphasizing Duty to God
The purpose of this course is to explain how and why Scouting encourages boys to be reverent. Key learning points: Program delivery, special observances, faith-based partnerships and BSA religious support and Baden-Powell’s thoughts on scouting.

BCS 130 - Commissioners and Advancement
This course describes why and what a Commissioner should know about advancement. A Commissioner should be prepared to assist a unit with basic questions about Advancement and know the District and Council Advancement Chairs and how to contact them when necessary.

BCS 213 - Outdoor Ethics and the Commissioner
Provides the rationale for the BSA's increased emphasis on Outdoor Ethics in all program areas and outdoor trainings. Overview of the core concepts in the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace, various new Outdoor Ethics programs and trainings. Learn key resources for bringing these programs to your Units.

* Master of Commissioner Science Courses

MCS 301 - No-Lapse - No-Drop Commitment
Learn what is a “No lapse-No drop commitment” and why it is important. Why units drop and how to prevent it, why continuity of tenure is important.

MCS 302 - Unit and Council Finance
This class provides an overview of the unit budget plan, who pays for Scouting at all levels from the unit to National, successful unit money-earning projects and how to help units with special financial needs.

MCS 303 - Commissioner Lifesaving I / II
(Includes MCS304) Sets the stage for saving a unit and reviesw the basic unit lifesaving steps.  Getting to know your units will help you identify when, and how to address issues they face in keeping the unit strong and successful.  Recognize the 7 typical unit “hurry cases” and how to prioritize issues in order to help the unit continue successfully.

MCS 311 - All About ADC's Recertification
All About ADC's Recertification - ADC’s are responsible for an assigned share of units in the district and they supervise the commissioners who serve those unit.  They are also assigned specific administrative tasks.  Learn what specific skills you need and how to evaluate your skills.

MCS 312 - Recruiting Commissioners
Learn to develop and put into action a suitable recruiting plan.  You will learn the step by step action plan to recruit new commissioners, both in an individual or group setting.

MCS 314 - District Roundtable Workshop
The Roundtable commissioner’s responsibility is to recruit, train and motivate a staff. This course will give you the tools to succeed. If you need help in determining which way to take the Roundtable meeting to maximize its benefit to the district, this course is designed to create a vision and find a starting point to develop a plan of action.

MCS 316 - Effective Unit Service in Remote Rural Areas
This course discusses how to implement a Scouting program in remote rural areas. Adapting Scouting to rural environment, who services a rural area, and what are the advantages!

MCS 317 - To Remove a Volunteer
This session will focus on the ineffective volunteer, the person who just “isn’t working out”. Forming an action plan, identifying types of poor performance, and learn for the future.

MCS 318 - 10 ways to Ensure Good Commissioner Service
The information you will receive during this class will summarize the key factors in good commissioner service found in other courses.  In a few simple words we give you the top 10 keys to success!

MCS 321 - New-Unit Service
The Commissioner plays a vital role not only in the creation of new units and their continued growth and success. You will learn; the four pillars of high performing units, new unit commissioner duties, who makes a good NUC, using the unit performance guide.

MCS 322 - Advanced Special Needs Scouting
This course focuses on an overview of disabilities among scouts and scouters, with emphasis on strategies to enhance the scouting experience. You will learn; how to assist units in working with these youth and adults, advancement plans, collaborative partnership, disability characteristics and strategies.

MCS 324 - Preventing Commissioner Burnout
Preventing Commissioner Burnout - This course will look at some ways we can help overcome burnout situations and motivate ourselves and other toward better tenure in the BSA

MCS 411 - Program Changes for District and Commissioner Trainers
This workshop will bring you up-to-date with all of the new changes in the Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venturing programs.

* Doctor of Commissioner Science Courses

DCS 501 - Selecting a Thesis Topic
Selecting a Thesis Topic - This session introduces the participants to the thesis or project, and what constitutes a good topic/project.  The difference between thesis and project and associated reports.  It will help you in selecting the general topic and the preliminary steps and approval process.

DCS 502 - Limiting the Scope of the Thesis/Project
(Includes DCS504) Participants receive help in reducing the thesis/project topic to a workable size and get ideas for their thesis/project research; you also learn the methods of gathering information for thesis/project. This course is for those who feel they need more help getting started on or completing their thesis/project.  Scouters who have completed their DCS will discuss their challenges and solutions, and evaluate possible topics for your thesis/project and select your topic.

DCS 503 - Developing the Thesis/Project
The session covers the thesis/project outline, writing and revising the report.

DCS 508 - Administering Lifesaving
Administrative commissioners are taught to give leadership to a commissioner lifesaving concept Prerequisites: MCS 303&MCS 304. Learn when to form a Lifesaving team and how to do it.

DCS 514 - The Commissioner and The Professional
Learn more about the relationship between the commissioner and the BSA professional.

DCS 515 - District and Council Journey to Excellence
Learn about the elements of District Journey to Excellence and what it takes to ensure success in every area including: key categories of performance for JTE, how the commissioner affects unit JTE performance and resources to help improve JTE performance.

DCS 520 - Assessing District Health
Learn how to use resources to assist in identifying strengths and bring improvements to weaknesses found in the district. Other learning points; how district goal setting guides success, commit to meeting district JTE standards, two primary tools in accessing health, and who is involved in assessing district health.

DCS 698 - Thesis/Project Review
*Session requires Instructor approval.

DCS 699 - Significant Commissioner Challenges
Current challenges confronting Commissioner and commissioner service in the Boy Scouts of America.

* Continuing Education Courses

CED 710 - Scouting in the LDS Church
Learn how Scouting is administered in the LDS Church and how to more effectively provide service and support to LDS units. (Note: This session is for the non-LDS Scouters only.)

CED 711 - International Scouting
This course is intended to give the commissioner staff an overview of the International Scouting programs available so they can take that information to your units.

CED 713 - Special Needs Scouting – Advancement
This session explores methods and practices that assists Scouts with special needs to navigate advancement.

* District Committee Courses

DO 101 - Introduction to District Operations
This is an overview of District Operations and intended for new members of the District Committee and the District Operating Committees.

DO 201 - Current District Operations
This is an advanced District Operations class designed to address current issues and activities.

More Information

Record of Course Completion (MS Word document)
   Track which courses you have taken and what you need to complete your degrees.

Doctoral Candidate Guidelines

* Questions? Please contact:

   College of Commissioner Science:
Steve Powell
Email: foxscouter@lpbroadband.net
   District Operations Training:
Bill Emslie
Email: emslie.bill@gmail.com
Phone: 970 217-6340

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