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Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training for Adults is available online at the BSA's Online Learning Center.

Council-Organized Training Events

Check the Council Training Calendar for the currently scheduled trainings.

See additional information by clicking on the links above. More information on the un-linked items will be posted in the future.

District Training Events

Training courses for new Cub Scout and Boy Scout leaders, and monthly Leader Roundtables are organized primarily at the District level.

Please see the links to the District Training Pages and Calendars below for details.

Note that you may attend trainings in districts other than your home district.

Training Calendars

Longs Peak Council
Council-Organized Training Events Training Calendar
All Council AND District Trainings
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Training Calendar
District Training Page Training Calendar
Cache La Poudre Training Page Training Calendar
Frontier Training Page Training Calendar
High Altitude Training Calendar
High Plains Training Calendar
Indian Peaks Training Page Training Calendar
Mountain View Training Page Training Calendar
Rocky Mountain Training Page Training Calendar
Three Rivers Training Page Training Calendar
Tri-Trails Training Calendar

Leader Fast Start Training

The Greeley Council Office has Fast Start Training videotapes which you may check out, or they will make you a copy (bring a blank VHS tape).

You may also take Fast Start Training online from the BSA:

NEW - "This is Scouting" (Replaces New Leader Essentials)

"This is Scouting" replaces New Leader Essentials as a required course for Cub Scout, Boy Scout, and Venturing volunteers to earn the "Trained" leader emblem.

"This is Scouting" may be taken online at the BSA's Online Learning Center.

All Scouters are encouraged to create a MyScouting account and access this training through the MyScouting portal, as credit for this training will be recorded on their PAS record upon completion.

Council - Organized Training Events

Wood Badge Pentagon Symbol

* Wood Badge

This advanced training for Adult Scout Leaders is open to Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Varsity Scout, and Venturing adult leaders!

A Longs Peak Council Wood Badge Course is offered each summer.

* National Youth Leadership Training
(For Boy Scout Junior Leaders)

NYLT is an opportunity for Scouts to develop valuable leadership skills. During the training week, youth participants learn and practice situational leadership skills in Patrol and Troop settings.

See the NYLT Page for more details.

LNT Trainer Position Patch

* Leave No Trace

The three standard BSA Leave No Traces Courses are:
BSA Leave No Trace 101 (Awareness) Class - 3-4 hours
This introduction to Leave No Trace is the minimum recommended training for ALL adults and older scouts who will be teaching Leave No Trace in their troops and/or signing off on the 2nd Class, First Class, or merit badge Leave No Trace requirements.
It is also recommended for Venturers, and Venturing or Cub Scout leaders.
BSA Leave No Trace Trainer Course - 16 hours, overnight
This course is for everyone, age 14 & older who will be teaching Leave No Trace to others. It is required training for a scout to hold the Leave No Trace Trainer junior leadership position in his troop, and is highly recommended for members of the Council and District outdoor skills training teams.
BSA Leave No Trace Master Educator Course - 5 days/nights
This course is for developing LNT Master Educators who will instruct LNT Trainer Courses.
For more information and upcoming courses, please see the Leave No Trace Courses page.

* Powder Horn - High Adventure Skills Resource Management Course

The Powder Horn course is designed to help BSA adult leaders to safely conduct outdoor activities of a fun and challenging nature.

The Longs Peak Council has been working with the Denver Area Council to offer Powderhorn courses in recent years. Please check the Denver Area Council website.

* College of Commissioner Science

The College of Commissioner Science offers specialized training for all commissioners, so that they can provide the highest level of unit service possible.

More information is on the College of Commissioner Science web page.

* The Fundamentals of Training

Your First Step on the Trail to Successful Training in Your Unit & Your District!

This class is the first part of the three-part Train-the-Trainer continuum (T3) in Scouting, intended for both youth and adult trainers. It is designed to introduce new Scouting trainers to effective teaching techniques and skills, as well as to provide a refresher for experienced trainers.

* Trainer's EDGE

Hone Your Training Skills to a Sharp "EDGE!"

This class is the second part of the three-part Train-the-Trainer continuum (T3) in Scouting, intended for both youth and adult trainers, and required training for Wood Badge and NYLT staffs.
It is also for any Scouter who works in a training capacity with Unit Leaders, District Leaders and Council Leaders.

(More Information)

Scouting Program Safety Training

Safety Afloat logo

* Safety Afloat / Safe Swim Defense

From the Guide to Safe Scouting:
Before a BSA group may engage in swimming activities of any kind, a minimum of one adult leader must complete Safe Swim Defense training, ... and agree to use the eight defenses in this plan.

More Information

* Rock Climbing Instructors Courses

From the Guide to Safe Scouting:
  On a climbing activity, your group must have a Qualified Climbing Instructor.
A qualified rock climbing instructor who is at least 21 years of age must supervise all BSA climbing/rappelling activities. A currently trained BSA climbing director or instructor is highly recommended. Contact your local council or regional service center to locate a qualified individual. The climbing instructor has successfully completed a minimum of 10 hours of instructor training for climbing/rappelling from a nationally or regionally recognized organization, a climbing school, a college-level climbing/rappelling course, or is a qualified BSA climbing instructor.

2013 Course Information

* COPE Instructors Course

This course is open to anyone age 18 and older. Upon successful completion, participants will be able to aid in the safe instruction of all COPE programs. COPE must be supervised by a National Camp School COPE director and a trained COPE instructor.

* BSA Aquatics Supervision: Swimming and Water Rescue Training

Swimming and Water Rescue Logo Training for BSA Swimming & Water Rescue provides BSA leaders with information and skills to prevent, recognize, and respond to swimming emergencies during unit swimming activities. It expands the awareness instruction provided by Safe Swim Defense training. Persons completing the training should be better able to assess their preparation to supervise unit swimming events. The BSA recommends that at least one person with this training is present to assist with supervision whenever a unit swims at a location that does not provide lifeguards.

This training is open to any registered adult leader, Scout, Venturer, or Explorer who is age 16 or older. A council approved instructor must directly supervise all training. The course takes approximately eight hours and is valid for three years.

* BSA Aquatics Supervision: Paddle Craft Safety Training

Paddle Craft Safety Logo Float trips are popular Boy Scout And Venturing activities. Safety Afloat awareness training provides guidelines for safe float trips and is required of unit leaders, but does not provide the skill training mandated by those guidelines. BSA Paddle Craft Safety expands Safety Afloat training to include the skills, as well as the knowledge needed for a unit leader to confidently supervise canoeing or kayaking excursions on flat water. Persons completing the training should be better able to assess their preparation to supervise paddle craft activities.

The training is open to any registered adult leaders, Scout, Venturer, or Explorer who is age 16 or older.

Paddle Craft Safety Training is required for all units renting the Longs Peak Council Canoes.

2014 Course Information
BSA Lifeguard Patch

* BSA Lifeguard

BSA Lifeguard provides professional-level training for lifeguards at unit or summer camp swimming activities and is provided locally by qualified instructors who are authorized by the local council.

More Information

National BSA Leader Training

* BSA's Online Training Center

The BSA's Online Training Center has Web-Based Leader Training:
  • Fast Start Training for:
    • Cub Scout Leaders
    • Boy Scout Leaders
    • Venturing Leaders
    • Varsity Leaders
    • Unit Commissioners
    • Scoutparents Unit Coordinator
  • Welcome to Den Chief Training
  • Venturing Crew Officers Orientation
  • Youth Protection Training (all programs)
  • Normas de Protección Juvenil
    (Spanish Youth Protection Training)
  • Safety Training:
    • Safe Swim / Safety Afloat
    • Hazardous Weather
    • Trek Safely
    • Climb On Safely
  • Staffing the District Committee
  • Generational Diversity

* STEM/Nova Program

STEM Orientation

These courses are intended to be used to provide an orientation for Scouts, Scouters, and parents about Scouting and the STEM program and the STEM opportunities in Scouting. The instructor-led course is designed to be used with the STEM Orientation slide deck at roundtables and other training events.

STEM Nova Counselor Training

These courses are intended to provide training for STEM Nova counselors. The intructor-led course is designed to be used with the training slide deck at group courses.

STEM Supernova Mentor Training

This course is a self-study training course for STEM Supernova mentors.

* Supplemental Training Modules

  • How to Conduct a Pinewood Derby
  • Beginning Cold Weather Camping
  • Cooking Without Utensils
  • Leave No Trace: Preserving the Beauty and Maintaining Our Access to the Land
  • Disc Golf in Support of Scouting
  • Mentoring
  • Chain Saw Safety
  • Merit Badge Counselor Instructors Guide
  • Board of Review Training
  • Geocaching to Promote Scouting
  • The Order of the Arrow and Your Troop
  • Orientation for New Boy Scout Parents
  • Planning and Conducting a Safe Scout Outing
  • BeAScout
  • Recruiting Quality Training Staff
  • Scoutmaster Conference Training
  • Selecting Quality Leaders
  • The Youth Leadership Training Continuum
  • Supporting Scouts With AD/HD
  • National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE)
  • Varsity Leader Fast Start
  • Conducting an Interfaith Service
  • Cub Scout Commissioner Roundtable Fast Start
  • Bullying: Prevention and Intervention Tips for Scout Leaders and Parents
  • Intro - National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience NAYLE

* Philmont Training Center

The BSA's Philmont Training Center provides a unique environment for the training of volunteer and professional leaders.

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