Young men and women 14-20 years old (or 13 and have completed eighth grade)
Exploring is about helping young adults make a more informed decision about future careers and determine if a particular career is the right one for them.

Typically, a young adult will learn about a career and decide to pursue it OR learn enough about the career to determine it’s not the right fit for them. It’s better to learn as a young adult that a career is not for you than to spend lots of money on an education only to then discover you don’t like a career!

In the Exploring program, youth gain unique, real-life opportunities to experience varied career choices. It’s not about lectures and slide shows- it’s about gaining practical insight and hands-on knowledge in a career field.

Exploring offers experiences in a variety of career fields. Try one or try them all!

  • Arts & Humanities
  • Aviation
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Engineering
  • Fire Service
  • Health
  • Law Enforcement
  • Law
  • Science
  • Skilled Trades
  • Social Services

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For more information contact our office at 970-330-6305 or your local District Executive.