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Register Today for Scouting Alumni!

We want to encourage you to register TODAY with the National Scouting Alumni Association!

When you register as a lifetime member of the Scouting Alumni fraternityyou will receive a membership package complete with:

  • an informative quarterly electronic newsletter
  • affiliation card
  • lapel pin
  • luggage tag
  • window cling
  • and a few other benefits
But what may not be evident as you register is that there's another important benefit for your $35 lifetime membership ... $15 of your $35 contribution comes directly back to our council, directly benefiting Scouting programs here in Longs Peak Council. $15 may not seem like much, but when you multiply that by the thousands of Scouters and Scouting Alumni who reside in our council territory, you begin to talk about an exponential impact.

But wait! There's even more to get excited about ... The National Alumni Association has launched a nation-wide contest for 2012 to reach 100 million Scouting Alumni nationally. The local councils with the greatest increase year over year in Scouting Alumni registrations have a chance at receiving a grant of $12,500 to be utilized for supporting alumni services in the council. Can you IMAGINE the potential for volunteer mobilization and financial support for Scouting? Wouldn't it be amazing if the Longs Peak Council was recognized as one of the top alumni development councils in the nation?

But more than the monetary benefit, there's tremendous potential for re-engaging Scouting alums who are no longer involved in Scouting. Yet, if cultivated persuasively, they may very well be honored to be asked to serve once again. I want to ask you to take the next simple step, to consider becoming a Scouting Alumni Ambassador, to help us rekindle, reconnect, and re-engage Scouting Alumni across Colorado, Nebraska and Wyoming.

Get registered at www.BSAalumni.org! Then, forward this article to 10 Scouters or Scouting alums you know, including the Scouting Alumni Association link and encourage them to sign up.

John Coleman, Jr.
Longs Peak Council Scout Executive

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Last Updated Wednesday, 10-Oct-2012 22:15:43 CDT