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Missing Information - Your Help Needed!

We need help determining two things:

1 - Unit-Only Counselors - Which Unit??

2 - A Contact Unit for each District-Wide Counselor


ScoutMail was sent August 28th and September 18th requesting that each troop/crew/team review the list of Counselors.
Thank You! to those who replied! The online MBC database has been updated with the info you sent us, and the Online MBC lists (see main Merit Badge Counselor page) should be accurate for your Troop.

There are still MANY troops who have not replied and many counselors whose Unit is still unknown.
Please check the lists below!

Note - You will also be getting these lists in your recharter packets.

Thank you for your help getting our Merit Badge Counselor lists up-to-date!

1 - Unit-Only Counselors - Which Unit??

  • Both District-wide and "Unit-Only" counselors are in this Online MBC (Merit Badge Counselor) Database.
  • BUT . . . the Council/BSA database which the info is derived from doesn't record WHICH TROOP the unit-only counselors are associated with!
  • So -- initially, many of the troop-only counselors will not show up in the troop's counselor list.
  • We DO store this info in our Online Merit Badge Counselor Database, but we need to determine and enter the unit affiliation information one time.
We need someone from each troop to do the following:

2 - A Contact Unit for Each (District-wide) Counselor

The Council/BSA database also doesn't record any Troop affiliation for counselors, even though that information may have been submitted on the MBC application/information form.

To facilitate the annual Merit Badge Counselor re-registration, we need a Contact Unit for each Merit Badge Counselor. We will include the list of affiliated counselors in each Troop's recharter packet.

We are asking someone from each Troop to:

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