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General USFS Wilderness Area Visitor Use Permits

The USFS has announced that many Wilderness Areas now require groups to obtain a "Visitor Use Permit" prior to arrival:
  • This usually requires applying at least 15 days prior to the outing.
  • Most permits are issued free of charge.
  • Strict Leave No Trace procedures must be followed.
  • No group is to exceed 15 individuals (includes adults and youth). This limit varies by area.
  • When planning a trip, Scout leaders must contact the Forest Supervisorís Office for the National Forest in which the Wilderness Area is located. Most National Forests also have websites where information and permit forms can be downloaded. See the USDA Forest Service home page for links to the various National Forests.
  • When submitting a "Visitor Use Permit" application, Scout units must attach a copy of their approved "BSA Tour Permit" as issued by the Longs Peak Council.

Requirements for Specific Areas

Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forest (Colorado)

  • Group size limit in most ARNF Wilderness Areas is 12 heartbeats (people and stock combined)
  • Not all ARNF Wildernesses require a permit
  • Check the ARNF website Wilderness Areas page for links to specific areas and the list of rules and regulations for each.
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