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How To Submit Information for Posting

Procedure for Updating or Adding Information to the Longs Peak Council WWW Pages

*Required Approvals

All information on the LPC Online WWW Pages must follow our Council WWW Policies, and must be approved by the Council's Scout Executive or other senior Council staff. (We will assume that any information forwarded from the Council Staff has been approved.)

Per BSA policy - Exploring information will not be posted on this web site.

We reserve the right to refuse to publish any information deemed to be inconsistent with the purposes of this site.

*Submitting Information

Organizers of Council events are encouraged to contribute information.
In electronic form, via email is preferred
If you have it in electronic form (as a word processor document, for instance), simply attach it to an email message.
FAX or mail
If it is in printed form, FAX or mail a copy.
We have OCR software which can convert a "clean" copy into electronic text form.
Relatively simple updates can be done with a phone message.
Web Pages
"Publication ready" web pages are even better! Attach to Email, or contact webmaster for instructions on how to upload them.
(If you know how to create web pages using HTML, please see our developer's page for information on our standards.)
Pictures, maps, drawings, patches, etc:
We can scan printed pictures, patches, etc. Please send a stamped, self-addressed envelope if you want them returned.
Digital camera pictures or already scanned pictures should be reduced to an appropriate size and resolution (sharpening image enhancement, approx 100 dpi). Send pictures in jpg format, and diagrams in gif. Small files may be attached to an email, or contact webmaster for ftp upload instructions for larger files.
(We generally prefer pictures of Scouts "in action" and in uniform, when possible.)

*How Much Information?

Please consider what information is appropriate for the WWW site. In general, we won't duplicate large amounts of information which are readily available elsewhere - for instance in a Cub camp signup packet.

It is important to have key information about date/time/location, sign-up deadlines, and usually a contact for more information.

*Permission Required to List Contact Info

Per Council WWW policy, we need signed, written permission to publish contact information for adult volunteers. (Youth names and contact info are never posted.)

Please download and fill out the permission form, sign it, then scan and email or mail it to the Council webmaster (see below).

*Where to Send the Information?

For approval, please send the information to the Council Office (Farr Service Center in Greeley):

All approved information for the Council WWW Pages should be sent to:

The Council webmaster: Mark Hammer
email: webmaster@longspeakbsa.org
Phone: 970-669-1034
Contact the Council Office or webmaster for the webmaster's Mailing address
Information which only pertains to certain Districts should be sent to the appropriate District Webmaster for inclusion on the District WWW pages.

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