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Insurance Information for Volunteers

Listed below are brief outlines of insurance coverage provided by or through the local Council:

Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan

The Council Accident & Sickness Insurance Plan is provided by the Longs Peak Council, BSA, for all registered youth and adult members of the council.

LDS Units are not covered by the Council plan - they will continue to be covered by a Church policy.

Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

This coverage provides protection for the Council, all Scouting professionals and employees, Scouting Units, chartered organizations, and volunteer Scouters (whether or not registered) with respect to claims arising in the performance of their duties in Scouting. Coverage is more than $15,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage.

The insurance provided to Scouting volunteers through the BSA General Liability Insurance program is excess over any other insurance the volunteer might have to his or her benefit, usually a homeowners; personal liability, or auto liability policy. There is no coverage for intentional or criminal acts. By providing insurance coverage to volunteers on an excess basis, BSA is able to purchase higher limits. Because of the high limits, volunteers should NOT be placed in a position where their assets are jeopardized because of a negligence liability claim or lawsuit.

Automobile Liability Insurance

All vehicles MUST be covered by a public liability and property damage liability insurance policy. The amount of this coverage must meet or exceed the insurance requirement of the state in which the vehicle is licensed. It is recommended, however, that coverage limits are at least $50,000/$100,000/$50,000. Any vehicle carrying ten or more passengers is required to have limits of $100,000/$500,000/$100,000. In case of rented vehicles the requirement of cover-age limits can be met by combining the limits of personal coverage carried by the driver with coverage carried by the owner of the rented vehicle. All vehicles used in travel outside the United States must carry a public liability and property damage liability insurance policy that complies with or exceeds the requirements of that country. The Council's Automobile Liability Insurance is excess of the insurance the owner of the auto carries, but does protect the owner above his limits up to the Council's $15,000,000 limit of coverage. A Tour Permit is required when Units leave their immediate area. National Tour Permits are required for all trips more than 500 miles. These permits should list the drivers' names and limits of Automobile Liability Insurance carried.
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