Unit Announcements

Unit Announcements

This page is dedicated for miscellaneous announcements from units in the Indian Peaks district. If you’d like to get your announcement listed, please contact Sara Moore at the Council Service Center.

Opening for Northern Tier with Troop 69!

Troop 69 has one space available to attend Northern Tier as a guest of Troop 69.

The Crews are designed and work far more efficiently with a full crew of eight along with the Northern Tier guide: Nine seats in three canoes; nine items to carry and no one has to double up; four two person tents and the guide in their own; etc.

Basics … We can answer any additional questions anyone interested may have:

July 10 to 16, 2017

​N. Tier Crews: E071017N E071017O

It is a mature set of Scouts on the two crews, most are OA and Life Rank.​ We have five adults and one 18-20 year old attending with lots of training and high-adventure experience.

​Approx $640 for program only – does not include travel, incidentals, etc. Those fees will be determined at a future date. 2014 N.Tier total costs were ~$1300/person.

A Northern Tier trip is physically demanding. Direct from N.Tier Advisor’s Guide: “All participants must fall below the maximum (295 pounds) allowed weight for participation and it is strongly recommended that no participant weigh less than 100 pounds. Smaller participants will have a very difficult time due to the strenuous nature of the trek and the heavy weight of items to portage. All participants should be physically fit and must meet the height/weight requirements outlined in the BSA Health Record.”

Cooper Jager,

Troop 69 Scoutmaster

Troop69Scoutmaster@gmail.com ​

cell: 303-396-8534 ​