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2014 Longs Peak Council Popcorn Resources

Resources for leaders and popcorn kernels  |  Resources for scout and parents

Leader and popcorn kernel resources

 Preparing for the Sale
 Managing your Sale
 End of Sale paperwork

Preparing for the Sale

Popcorn Guide
2014 Popcorn Guide open in Adobe reader - pdf

This document is the leaders guide for the sale created by Longs Peak Council.

Bonus Awards Info
Bonus Sheet open in Adobe reader - pdf

This page explains the bonus prizes for top sellers in the Longs Peak Council.

Goal Setter spreadsheet
Popcorn Goal Setting open in MS Excel - xls

Annual Unit Activity Planner and Popcorn Sales Goalsetter

Managing your Sale

Product Receipt spreadsheet
Product Receipt by container

open in MS Excel - xls

Sample form to use when handing inventory out or checking it in

End of Sale paperwork

Unit Master Spreadsheet
Unit Master Record open in MS Excel - xls
Unit Order Form
Unit Order and Settlement Form open in MS Excel (with formulas) - xls

We prefer that you use this spreadsheet, not an alternate

Prioze Order Form
Prize Order Form open in MS Excel - xls

Parents & Scouts:

(More Forms Coming Soon)

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