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You can read about it, you can watch the DVD, or you can listen to others discuss the environment. However, to really make a difference you have to get down and get your hands dirty by actually doing something worthwhile outside.

Conservation Award Project Requirements

Project SOAR Award Trail Work
To earn an annual Project SOAR Award a Scout or leader must complete a minimum of three (3) hours of conservation work. The Scout's unit determines what constitutes a good project.
World Conservation Award
To earn the World Conservation Award, service must be performed as follows:
  • Cub Scout Award - participate in a den or pack project
  • Boy Scout Award - refer to merit badge requirements
  • Venturing Award - no service project required
William T. Hornaday Award
To earn a William T. Hornaday Award a Boy Scout or Venturer must do service projects that are of Eagle Scout Award service project quality. Each project must be approved ahead of time, and each must have a "conservation advisor". If the project is an environmental project, a Scout's Eagle Scout Award project may possibly count as one of the Hornaday Award projects. Only one project may be done on Boy Scouts of America property.
  • Hornaday Badge -one (1) service project
  • Hornaday Bronze Medal - three (3) service projects
  • Hornaday Silver Medal - four (4) service projects
A Boy Scout or Venturer must select Hornaday Award projects from the categories listed below, and each project must be from a different category:
  • Energy Conservation
  • Soil & Water Conservation
  • Fish & Wildlife Management
  • Forestry & Range Management
  • Air & Water Pollution Control
  • Resource Recovery (Recycling)
  • Hazardous Material Disposal & Management
  • Invasive Species Control
Please see our Hornaday Awards page for more information.

Selecting a Conservation Project

Check Out These Resources for Selecting a Conservation Project:

Adopt-A-Trail Program

The Adopt-A-Trail Program is a cooperative effort between volunteers and the Forest Service to provide much-needed maintenance on national forest trails.

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